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Food Presentation

As we as a whole know, food is basic to our every day lives since it gives us the vitality and supplements that we need particularly when we set it up right. So our teacher gave us an undertaking to set up a feast (useful for six people) that follows the rules of the Food Pyramid. During our conceptualizing, numerous thoughts came up to our psyches. In any case, we came to a certain degree that we ought to have measures in picking the correct dinner. It ought to be solid, fulfilling, and obviously it won't cost us to an extreme. In the wake of trading thoughts, we at last concluded that we will have Crab and Corn soup as the hors d'oeuvre, Chicken Curry for the principle dish, Saging Con Yelo for the sweet, frosted tea (Apple flavor) for the beverages and Apple for the side dish. After the conversation, the gathering chief alloted the errand and set the time and spot for the following gathering. I was appointed to set up the rundown of fixings that will be utilized for the cooking. At the point when my gathering mates and I meet once more, everyone was energized particularly me since we will purchase the fixings that we requirement for the food introduction. It’s as of now been quite a while since I last go to a market and I truly don’t realize how to look over what’s new or not and to purchase or not to purchase so I asked my gathering mates to show me the nuts and bolts in purchasing new vegetables, meats and organic products. Fortunately, Florevil knows something about cooking so we didn’t made some hard memories managing it. Since me and a portion of my gathering mates don’t realize how to cook, we are allocated to set up the fixings and ensure everything is prepared. While Florevil is preparing the feast, I observed each progression of it so I can cook it at our home when my mother isn't anywhere near. As the feast is nearly done, a portion of my gathering mates arranged the treat and the side dish, some arranged the table and set it in an adequate manner and some called the visitors who will taste the supper that we arranged. I couldn’t oppose myself to eat when I smelled the Chicken Curry however I need to in light of the fact that we should serve the visitors first. Coincidentally, it is my preferred dish After the visitors tasted our supper, they gave us remarks. The food is pleasing and the primary dish and the pastry are delightful. In any case, the hors d'oeuvre is excessively salty and didn’t work out positively for the primary dish and sweet. Beneficial thing we had apples as our back up to the salty tidbit we cooked. The introduction finished. We cleaned our chaos and had a last gathering to talk about the positive and negative remarks of the visitors. We acknowledged the reactions given by the visitors entire heartedly for us to gain from it and to improve more whenever we will have a movement like this. We can likewise apply the information that we have gained from this action and use it for what's to come.

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Niger River essays

Niger River papers The Niger River is situated in West Africa. It is 2,590 miles in length, the third biggest waterway in Africa. The mouth of the stream begins in the Gulf of Guinea. This waterway goes however six nations Guinea, Nigeria, Mali, Jebba, Ontisha, and Niger. It likewise hits eight significant urban areas in this waterways way. These urban communities are as named Niana, Timbuktu, Gao, Bonny, Nembe, Onitsha, Malnville, and Niamey. The city Tembakounda is the source of the Niger. Tembakounda lies in the tropical good countries of Guinea, 200 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The Niger River streams northeastward through fields into Mali, at that point to Sahel an earthy colored desert-like region. The Niger at that point does right around a ninety degree turn southeast, entering the Republic of Niger, for some time going about as the limit between that republic and Dahomey. The stream enters the wilderness again in Nigeria, arriving at the Atlantic through quantities of bogs and estuaries. There is parcels horticulture on the Niger River. A portion of the things developed are sorghum, sweet potatoes, cassava, tobacco, peanuts, millet fields, rearing reason for fish, cocoa, groundnuts, bananas, oil palm items, maize, and rice patties. Angling pontoons, Kayaks, Paddle wheelers, Cargo ships and vessels, Dugout kayaks and reed pontoons are the method of transportation on the stream. There is just a single two-path roadway on the stream and there are no railways. Drinking water from the Niger River, which is provided from wells that tap into underground water tables, isn't generally sound. There is a waterborne malady that normally causes parasites. Lodging close to the waterway are normally mud hovels with straw rooftops. The apparel is generally brilliantly shaded textures, cotton shirts and jeans, skullcap and fez caps. Nourishments eaten around there are ordinarily rice, bubbled chicken, stew, millet porridge, fish, and peanuts During the flooding seasons the Niger River augments up to sixty miles. The flood changes the dry dusty land in to prolific green fields. Lakes and streams cov... <!

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IELTS Essay Examples - Take Advantage of These

IELTS Essay Examples - Take Advantage of TheseTaking IELTS Essay Examples can be a great help in improving your score. So why not take advantage of these?Most students who take IELTS are aware that this is an international standardized test that assesses the skills they have acquired through their studies. This will determine if they are capable of taking the exams required to enter universities, boarding schools and professional organizations.Unfortunately most students do not know what exactly IELTS Essay Examples is. Many students also tend to think that the test is long and difficult, but this is definitely not the case.The first thing to realize is that the essays are very easy and they are also very short and simple. They may seem difficult at first glance, but once you realize the quality of the work, you will notice that this is actually quite simple. In fact, it's all written in a very conversational tone.In fact, you can use a sample essay in your English Literature course as well. When used properly, it can greatly improve your score.You will find that the actual essays on the IELTS are very short and that the difficulty level changes almost daily. You will even notice that some of the more difficult essays now have much easier versions.However, one thing you should definitely not worry about when using the IELTS is that the questions are different for each country. For example, questions are different in Ireland and in Scotland, while those in Spain and Italy will be quite different.In fact, most of the essay samples will test your ability to write from a particular perspective. Ifyou have taken English Literature or another course in which you had to write in a specific way, you can simply use a sample essay for the next time you take the test.

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My Teaching Philosophy and Goals Essay - 605 Words

My Teaching Philosophy and Goals My philosophical point of view is Essentialism. Although I agree with Benjamin Bloom’s Theory on â€Å"School Learning†(1976). In his theory Bloom states; that children bring to class a range of â€Å"entry characteristics†. He divides these characteristics into affective and cognitive behaviors. Affective behavior includes the student’s motivation to learn and cognitive behavior includes the student’s prior knowledge. According to Bloom the context of the learning environment and the quality of instruction will determine the learning outcomes. Parents play an important role in their children’s desire and motivation to learn. Parents instill values of the importance of education and provide learning to take†¦show more content†¦Although a teacher who creates a positive learning environment in which the child will feel safe and secure increases the child’s ability to learn even on their bad days. Education is our past, present, and future. It provides our society with the knowledge, skills and ideas to prepare our students to meet their needs as well as our future generation’s needs. We must expand our options to meet the needs of every learner, in order to provide necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and dreams for the children. Teaching is our foundation for the survival of humanity. Teaching involves many tasks in order for teachers to identify and respond to the needs of individuals. Teachers are the primary caregivers of our youth; therefore they are also considered as a role model that must include behavior as well as knowledge. As a teacher I want to be patient, understanding, and trustworthy with a love for teaching. I want to be a good listener, a peacemaker, a problem solver, and a friend as well as a teacher. To recognize when a problem exists and have the ability to comfort the children through their bad days as well as their good days. I hope to provide a positive learning environment by earning the trust and respect of each student. I want to be a positive role model by helping to instill the love for learning in every child. One of my goals would be to try to make a difference in each child’s life. I want to provide unlimited learning opportunities as well asShow MoreRelatedEducation: The Expert Theory Essay1082 Words   |  5 PagesParamount to my teaching philosophy is building strong relationships with students. By illustrating that I care for their needs and desires, I hope to become approachable and produce a sense of belonging. In my opinion, students possess an innate need to belong to social groups, and the development of positive relationships is imperative to students’ satisfaction of this need. According to Dreikurs, ‘students can often appear to be complicated and confusing to their teachers, most of them simplyRead MoreMy Teaching Philosophy Of Education1486 Words   |  6 PagesMy teaching philosophy of education is being able to recognise that all children learn in different and unique ways. I believe that all students should have a safe learning environment which enables them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. As a teacher, I aim to act as a guide for student learning and provide demonstrations and understanding to all students. More specifically as a physical education teacher, I aim to bring a positive and encouraging attitude to the students andRead More Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay984 Words   |  4 PagesTeaching Philosophy Statement Aristotle once said, â€Å"The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.† Teaching enables students to gain the intelligence needed to excel in life. I believe that a teacher’s philosophy of education is a crucial role in his or her approach to leading students on their educated path. A philosophy of education is the set of beliefs that every school and every teacher stand behind. The certain philosophy that one chooses provides the answersRead More My Philosophy of Teaching Essay1076 Words   |  5 PagesMy Philosophy of Teaching Teaching is a daunting task that I do not intend to take lightly. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine for several years. I always knew that teaching would be the career for me, especially when I began working in the school system as a substitute secretary. I loved working in the school environment; coming in contact with children everyday made me realize how much I would enjoy teaching a classroom full of students. Teachers play such an importantRead MoreThree Propositions That The National Board For Professional Teacher Standards1364 Words   |  6 Pageslearning. Planning engaging and fun activities will allow my students to have fun while learning. The fourth proposition is how the teacher can reflect on their teaching, and how to improve it. As an educator you must be willing to try new things. After trial and error you must reflect and try a different approach. Also the teacher needs to be familiar with different learning styles and theories. I have included this into my teaching philosophy and feel this is crucial for an educator. The last propositionRead More Becoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education Essay1061 Words   |  5 PagesBecoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education When did education start? Do we still need education to function as a society? How long will public education remain a kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum? The answers to these questions will vary from person to person, but they will all have one common theme: education will and must go on! Education is the key to a progressing society. Education is the only way that knowledge is passed from generation to generationRead MoreEssay about Personal Educational Philosophy1069 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This paper is my personal educational philosophy statement. It represents my ideas and values about teaching and learning; it reveals my personal teaching beliefs and their relation to the five major established educational philosophies; it shows my role and responsibilities in educational process. I place great significance on personal style of instruction and its influence on curriculum implementation. The paper also highlights my career aspiration and orientation. Read MoreEssay on My Philosophy of Education1242 Words   |  5 PagesMy Philosophy of Education Do you know your ABC’s, 123s, or how to read? If so, give thanks to the teachers you have had and Horace Mann for establishing what we now know as elementary schools, where the preceding is learned. Without my teachers, this paper would not be possible and it is a known fact that good teachers are few and far between. I hope to be an exceptional teacher that will not only influence the lives of my students but also be one that is willing to learn from my studentsRead MoreThe Role Of Nurse Educator Essay1132 Words   |  5 PagesEducational Philosophy I am not new to the role of nurse or educator, but to the role of nursing educator. My motivation to teach future generations of nurses prompted my transition from a clinical nurse to an academic nurse educator. My interest in teaching comes from my own positive experiences as an undergraduate student and from a love of learning. My educational philosophy is a work in progress as I continue to grow as a nurse, educator, and scholar of nursing education. As a novice nursingRead MoreNursing : Health Cooperation, And Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Care1339 Words   |  6 PagesVincennes University, St. Mary’s Health Cooperation, and Personal: Philosophy of Nursing Care Introduction Nursing philosophies are used by many institutions and places of employment. It is important that student nurses and nurses read and gain knowledge from their facilities nursing philosophy. Philosophies give the nurse a guideline of how their facility defines the aspects of nursing and what is expected of them as nurses of that facility. It is essential for nurses to go back after they have

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Retailing Market Value in the UK Free Essay Example, 2250 words

According to Raphael Moreau, Retailing Analyst "Diversifying into convenience stores is on the agenda for the UK s top hypermarket chains because this retail format offers good growth prospects (Anonymous, 200). Convenience stores have increased their share of the UK food retailing market from 20% to 21.9% between 1999 and 2003. Clearly, these stores are appealing to UK consumers, thanks to their convenient locations and extended opening hours. Hypermarket retailers want to make sure they don t miss out on this growing area of the UK market. " High Street convenience stores are also particularly attractive to hypermarket retailers, due to strict planning rules restricting the opening of new out-of town hypermarkets. Euromonitor International believes that this trend is likely to intensify in the next five years. The Competition Commission, which considers convenience retailing to be a separate sector from supermarket retailing, has also encouraged this trend since supermarket chains can diversify into convenience retailing without facing inquiries from the Commission about the market s level of concentration (Raphael Moreau, 2004). Looking to the future, Euromonitor International s latest research forecasts that UK retail sales will increase by just over 11% in real terms between 2004 and 2008, a moderate increase resulting from strong downward pressure on prices, especially within food retailing, combined with rising interest rates leading to higher debt levels. We will write a custom essay sample on Retailing: Market Value in the UK or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now This would represent a slowdown compared to the strong performance recorded in 2003 and 2004, of 3.8% and 3% respectively, even though growth could be maintained by the dynamism of convenience stores/small grocers (Raphael Moreau, 2004). Gap (originally The Gap) is a San Fransisco-based apparel and accessories retailer founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher. The Fishers opened their first shop because they had been frustrated with the lack of decent customer service and fashionable styles at other retailers.

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Volunteering At The Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home Essay

Volunteering at the Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home over the summer was an invaluable experience. As I became more comfortable, I began extending my duties beyond physical tasks such as serving food or transporting residents. I started interacting with the residents on a more personal level, not as a volunteer, but more as a friend. In return, the residents became increasingly open, and the nurses watched as I conversed with residents they had deemed as reserved. Sometimes when I helped residents they would say nothing, but at the same time they said everything I needed to hear. I probably appreciated helping those residents, more than they appreciated me. Every night when I went to bed, I felt I had actually made a difference. This volunteering experience allowed me to realize that whatever I do in life, I want to go to sleep feeling the same way I did that summer. In a world filled with problems, why be an observer? I approach life with this mentality and for that reason am enticed by the problem solving and critical thinking abilities that engineers possess. More specifically, I am drawn towards bioengineering due to the influence that this area of study has on the medical field, and on the overall quality of life and health for humans. While the study of medicine can provide the ability to treat individuals, bioengineering can have a more universal impact, providing the ability to treat thousands with innovative medical technology. As a student who greatly valuesShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages†¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Essentials of Organizational Behavior, 11th ed. (Prentice Hall, 2012) Management, 11th ed. with Mary Coulter (Prentice Hall, 2012) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 10th ed., with David DeCenzo (Wiley, 2010) Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Library 3.4 (Prentice Hall, 2010) Fundamentals of Management, 8th ed., with David DeCenzo and Mary Coulter (Prentice Hall, 2013) Supervision Today! 7th ed., with David DeCenzo and Robert Wolter (Prentice Hall, 2013) TrainingRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesprofitability and effectiveness of technology. Today another economic force—the quality of productivity—is being recognized as essential for shoring up the economy, especially when business slows down. From SUVs and computers to Internet services and home furnishings, the quality value that buyers perceive in products and services is becoming an enormously powerful influence on the continuing strength of custom er spending, especially when times are tight. Study of the current economy indicates that

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Impact of Globalization on Value Chain Management

Question: Discuss about the Impact of Globalization on Value Chain Management. Answer: Introduction In this report we will study the various impacts of globalization on the supply chain management. In other words, it shows the configuration of the company by bringing advancement in the same. there are various types of impact that can be created on the supply chain management due to the process of globalization that are the considerations related to the competitive advantage, financial considerations to the company, technological, cultural, political, economic, and corporate social responsibilities considerations. The supply chain has various types of drivers like production, location, inventory, information and transportation. Globalization refers to the changes that take place in the economy due to the integration of the world economy with the domestic economy. Globalisation leads in open trade for all the companies who want to start their ventures into the other countries. It helps the global economy to strengthen the communication, relations, trade, business relations, etc. between the different countries of the global economy. It helps in improvement in the quality of work. Globalization has a huge influence on the process of supply chain management as it impacts each and every stage of the same. Globalization is challenging the business organization as it resulting in creating issues in the supply chin management of the companies. it has both pros and cons that we will discuss in this study the pros are that the companies can have multi dimensional resources, less restrictions of tariffs and other taxes, easy access to the global markets, better learning, etc. on the other hand globalization has many cons like there is a requirement of close relations with the stakeholders that is not possible in globalised business. Justification of the evaluation of the impact of globalization on the value chain management by including the information related to various factors The evaluation of globalization has great influence on each and every level of supply chain management of the companies. The firms are trying to manage the global trend with the domestic trend of the economy. It is providing various types of advantages and challenges to the companies. The globalization helps the company to fight against the competitors who have effective supply chains in their organization. It is required by an effective collaboration of teams and partners with increase in the speed, innovation, promotion and gains the market share. These all challenges have forced the organizations to change their priority of the cost and financial management also for the entire process. It must be related to the supply chain management and fulfilled the global operations strategies (Knemeyer, Zinn, and Eroglu, 2009). The supply chain becomes very complex in globalised world due to the fact that there are different types of culture of different countries. The companies have to analyses the culture of the countries in which they want to do business operations. Globalization provides new opportunities to the firms that will help to expand the business operations and functions of the same. With the process of globalization, the managers another staff of the firms has to keep eyes on the latest trend of the entire world. It is not an easy task to manage and fulfill the demands of each and every individual. This is the major challenge for the human resource (Walters, and Lancaster, 2000). Competitive advantage considerations Globalization has the capability to foster the market competition in an efficient and effective manner. It helps to bring dynamicity in the organization. It has created higher demand that required expertise in the management of supply chain. To create a positive impact of the globalization on the supply chain of the company it is very relevant o bring flexible work environment. It helps to establish competitive leaders in the organization. The globalization helps the company to fight against the competitors who have effective supply chains in their organization. It is required by an effective collaboration of teams and partners with increase in the speed, innovation, promotion and gains the market share (Zhu, Sarkis, and Lai, 2007). There are various regions in which the globalization has created a positive impact like- The focus of the companies is moved from regions of democratic nations to the global arena. To have competitive advantage, companies are now outsourcing the work from specialized firms of foreign countries Many companies are forming collaborative models of the business to expand their supply chain operations to win economies of scale Besides from all the above points the companies are earning profits form the effective supply chain management, and applying strategic planning into it to cope up with the global world. It is helping in capturing the markets; bring an innovations and opportunities for the growth and development of the firm. The process is taking place through synchronizing of the entire value chain and then makes improvement in to the performance and speed of the products and services, development of processes, delivery of goods, differentiation that can bring uniqueness, etc. so that companies can build market value and shares across the world (Manjra, 2014). Financial considerations With the process of globalization, the companies are facing new priorities of competitive world. It is related to the quality of product and process, reliability of the delivery, speed, and customization and the responsiveness of the organizations towards their customers. These all challenges have forced the organizations to change their priority of the cost and financial management of the entire process. It must be related and fulfilled the global operations strategies. It includes the total quality management (TQM) whose focus is to bring a revolution in the total quality of production and delivery of the goods and services. There are various cost involved in the supply chain management of companies (Meixell, and Gargeya, 2005). Technological considerations The technology has brought a peculiar trend in the supply chain management of the companies. Beside of technology, the companies are using less number of procedures in the process of production and supply chain management. Use of technology help the companies in maintains uniformity in the products and diversity where there it is required. The process of supply chain is become more complex with the process of globalization. The companies are using latest technology in the process of supply of goods. If we observe last year data, the US market is supplying their goods using new technologies that are latest and updated. All the companies should analyze the market before planning for the supply chain management and then apply technology so that the globalised demand can be fulfilled. It helps in lower down the risk of rejection and issues in each and every case related to the risk. Globalization provides new opportunities to the firms that will help to expand the business operations and functions of the same. Technology is one of the major factors that help the organizations to gain competitive advantage against the competitors present in the global markets. As it is not possible for all the companies to invest a hug amount in the technology up gradation or change in the technology. Human resource considerations The human resource of the organization is a great resource because of the special characteristics of the same. The process of globalization in the supply chain management creates a huge burden on the human resource of the companies. The reason due to this the pressure has increased is the change sin priorities taking place. Firstly, the aim of the organization is to fulfill the need and demands of the same country people. It is easy for anyone to analyses the need s and wants of people who live is same country. With the process of globalization, the managers another staff of the firms has to keep eyes on the latest trend of the entire world. It is not an easy task to manage and fulfill the demands of each and every individual. This is the major challenge for the human resource. The other challenges faced by the human resource department of the company are the skills and knowledge. As we know that globalization leads in interaction of different types of people, culture, skills, and creativity together. In this regards, the human resource of the organization have to update themselves according to the requirement of globalised supply chain managers. as they do not have to compete with the local economy but the international economies of the world. It involves many types of risk factors in the management of supply chain and decisions related to the same. The human resource of many companies requires specialized training in which they learn about the global trends in the supply chain management of the firms. This could help them in the effective management and decrease the issues rises in the same. Cultural considerations The culture has created negative as well as a positive impact on the management of supply chain in a globalised world. As we know that the companies who are dealing in the international level of business have to adopt diversified culture in their organization. This can help them to minimize the risk factors that can arise due to the different cultures. The supply chain becomes very complex in globalised world due to the fact that there are different types of culture of different countries. The companies have to analyses the culture of the countries in which they want to do business operations. This can be done though analysis of the culture and proper knowledge. Many companies start their business with the mergers and acquisition so that they can get help from the local people of the same country. Joint ventures are also a good way to enter into a globalised market. The newly expansion of any company has ore risk as compared to mergers and acquisition or joint ventures. Culture is a one thing that defines the needs and wants of the customers. The entire supply chain is affected by the different cultures as there is a need to manage the supply chain according to the culture of the locations where transaction is taking place. Political considerations and Economic considerations the globalization in the supply chain management has created a unique types of risk that includes doubts in the currency of other country, variations, the exchanges rates of the currency, economic rats, tariffs and tax policies, duties, responsibilities, rules and regulations, non-tariffs barriers on the trade, individual income tax, tec. the macroeconomics settings of each and every country is different due to which the international trade has become little risky for the organizations. There is a requirement of risk management in the supply chain process through which it become easy to do business in international markets (Creazza, Dallari, and Melacini, 2010). Risk management has become important part of supply chain management while dealing with the international markets. The changes should be managed and used in the future in the process of decision making regarding the quality, quality and time. In many countries, there is no stability regarding the political parties. The policies and strategies of the parties used to change with the change in political party. It also leads in a huge risk for the business organizations while dealing with international business. It is relevant for the organizations to analyze and study the political situations of the country in which they want to deal with in future. It results in lesser risk and future instability. The global operations managers have to tackle with the unexpected and unreasonable devaluation of the currency. They also have to manage the exposures to the changes (Need, 2006). The risk is depending on the favorability of the economy of the other country. If the economies are favorable then it becomes easy for the supply chain managers to manage in a foreign country. The operations strategies are also influenced by the tariffs and non tariffs barriers and other barriers. The only way to save the organization trough all the barriers is through strategic planning and forecasting (Carter, and Rogers, 2008). Corporate social responsibility considerations With the increase in globalization, the corporate social responsibility is also increasing as one of the famous business concept in the developed and developing economies. It is a typical concept of globalization. The stakeholders policies of the economies emphasize on the corporate social responsibility for all the businesses. The global brands of the economy are managing the supply chain of their company through strategic planning. In multinational corporations, the corporate social responsibility has become one of the relevant parts due to the fact that they have to establish a good image in front of the other MNCs. These companies are already challenged with the management of supply chain (Thun, and Hoenig, 2011). The CSR is an additional responsibility for the companies who are dealing in the global economy. The multinational operations are challenged by the globalization, corporate social responsibility and supply chain. It is observed that the firms have to manage the corporate social responsibility so that the people related to the organization will remain satisfied for a longer period of time. Many of the pressure groups are able to identify these pressures of these firms and try to take advantage from the same. Many groups take the firms for granted and try to make profits for themselves (Britt, 2007). In this way, it is important to analyze the groups and people related to the supply chain management of the company and make policies accordingly. there must be proper code of conduct, culture of the corporate, campaigns related to the anti pressure groups that directly or indirectly affects the working of the firms, training and development programs for the employees and workers related to supply chain of the company, value recognition and reorientation so that the corporate social responsibility can create a positive impact on the and positive moral on the supply chains of the company. Conclusion In the conclusion, we can conclude and emphasize that the supply chain management is the most relevant part of each and every organization. Hence, it cannot be affected due to any process of element. The supply chain management provides various ways through which a company can get maximum output through minimum input. It results in effective and efficient use of resource in the organization. It also provides an advantage of competitive advantage over the competitors to the companies by analyzing the market conditions and tackles them in the best way. The process of globalization has helped in the supply chain management up to an extent but it also creates challenging situations for the companies to tackle the strategic environment. As we know that each and every supply chain has its unique value and beliefs. It set the market demands and challenges regarding the operations. All the companies should analyze the market before planning for the supply chain management. It helps in lower down the risk and issues in each and every case. Globalization provides new opportunities to the firms that will help to expand the business operations and functions of the same. We can say that if companies have the caliber to manage the supply chain management as well as the process of globalization simultaneously in the organization, then it would be the best thing to happen. It will result is a very positive way and the company can enjoy competitive advantage against the competitors. They can earn more revenues and profits. References Britt, D., 2007. Impact of globalization in creating sustainable competitive advantage, [Online], Accessed on: 9 December 2016, Available on: Carter, C.R. and Rogers, D.S., 2008. A framework of sustainable supply chain management: moving toward new theory. International journal of physical distribution logistics management, 38(5), pp.360-387. Creazza, A., Dallari, F. and Melacini, M., 2010. Evaluating logistics network configurations for a global supply chain. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 15(2), pp.154-164. Knemeyer, A.M., Zinn, W. and Eroglu, C., 2009. Proactive planning for catastrophic events in supply chains. Journal of Operations Management, 27(2), pp.141-153. Manjra, R. 2014. How has globalization impact to supply chain management?, [Online], Accessed on: 9 December 2016, Available on: Meixell, M.J. and Gargeya, V.B., 2005. Global supply chain design: A literature review and critique. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 41(6), pp.531-550. Need, W.C.D.H.P., 2006. Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage. Thun, J.H. and Hoenig, D., 2011. An empirical analysis of supply chain risk management in the German automotive industry. International Journal of Production Economics, 131(1), pp.242-249. Walters, D. and Lancaster, G., 2000. Implementing value strategy through the value chain. Management Decision, 38(3), pp.160-178. Zhu, Q., Sarkis, J. and Lai, K.H., 2007. Green supply chain management: pressures, practices and performance within the Chinese automobile industry. Journal of Cleaner Production, 15(11), pp.1041-1052.