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Asking Professors to Sit on Your Dissertation Committee

Asking Professors to Sit on Your Dissertation Committee Graduate study can best be explained as a series of hurdles. First is getting in. Then comes coursework. Comprehensive exams typically are the culmination of coursework in which you demonstrate that you know your stuff and are ready to begin your dissertation. At this point, you are a doctoral candidate, unofficially known as ABD. If you thought coursework and comps were difficult you’re in for a surprise. Most students find the dissertation process to be the most challenging part of graduate school. It’s how you show that you are an independent scholar capable of generating new knowledge. Your mentor is critical to this process, but your dissertation committee also plays a role in your success. The Role of the Dissertation Committee The mentor is highly invested in the dissertation’s success. The committee serves as an outside consultant, offering a more broad perspective as well as support for the student and mentor. The dissertation committee can serve a checks and balances function that can boost objectivity and ensure that university guidelines are adhered to and that the product is of high quality. Members of the dissertation committee offer guidance in their areas of expertise and supplement the student and mentor’s competencies. For example, a committee member with expertise in specific research methods or statistics can serve as a sounding board and offer guidance that is beyond the mentor’s expertise. Choosing a Dissertation Committee Choosing a helpful dissertation committee isn’t easy. The best committee is composed of faculty who share an interest in the topic, offer diverse and useful areas of expertise, and are collegial. Each committee member should be carefully selected based on the project, what he or she can contribute, and how well he or she gets along with the student and mentor. It’s a delicate balance. You don’t want to argue over every detail yet you need objective advice and someone who will offer insightful, and tough, critiques of your work. Ideally, you should trust each committee member and feel that he or she has your (and your project’s) best interests in mind. Choose committee members whose work you respect, who you respect, and who you like. This is a tall order and finding a handful of faculty who meet these criteria and also have the time to participate on your dissertation committee is a daunting task. It’s likely that not all of your dissertation member s will fulfill all of your professional and personal needs but each committee member should serve at least one need. Give Some Warning Work with your mentor to select committee members. As you select potential members, ask your mentor if he or she thinks the professor is a good match to the project. Aside from seeking insight – and making your mentor feel valued – professors talk to each other. If you discuss each choice with your mentor beforehand he is she is likely to mention it to the other professor. Use your mentor’s reaction as an indicator of whether to move forward and approach the potential committee member.  You may find that the professor is already aware and may have already implicitly agreed. Make Your Intentions Known At the same time,  don’t assume that each professor knows that you’d like them as a committee member. When the time comes, visit each professor with that as your purpose. If you haven’t explained the purpose of the meeting by email then when you enter, sit and explain that the reason you’re asked to meet is to ask the professor to serve on your dissertation committee. Be Ready No professor will agree to participate in a project without knowing something about it. Be prepared to explain your project. What are your questions? How will you study them? Discuss your methods. How does this fit with prior work? How does it extend prior work? What will your study contribute to the literature? Pay attention to the professor’s demeanor. How much does he or she want to know? Sometimes a professor might want to know less – pay attention. Explain Their Role In addition to discussing your project, be prepared to explain why you are approaching the professor. What drew you to them? How do you think they will fit? For example, does the professor offer expertise in statistics? What guidance do you seek? Know what the professor does and how they fit in with the committee.  Likewise, be prepared to explain why you think they are the best choice.  Some faculty might even ask, â€Å"Why me? Why not Professor X?† Be prepared to justify your choice. What do you expect expertise-wise? Time-wise? How much or little time and effort will you require? Busy faculty will want to know whether your needs outstrip their time and energy. Dealing With Rejection If a professor declines your invitation to sit on your dissertation committee, don’t take it personally. Easier said than done but there are many reasons people decide to sit on committees. Try to take the professor’s perspective. Sometimes it’s that they’re too busy. Other times they may not be interested in the project or may have issues with other committee members. It’s not always about you. Participating on a dissertation committee is a lot of work. Sometimes it’s simply too much work given other responsibilities. If they are not able to meet your expectations be grateful that they’re honest. A successful dissertation is the result of a great deal of work on your part but also the support of a helpful committee that has your interests in mind. Be sure that the dissertation committee you build can meet these needs.

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conductors essays

conductors essays Super conductivity is a natural phenomenon in which certain materials such as metals, alloys, and ceramics, can conduct electricity without resistance. These materials are what we call superconductors. In a superconductor, once the flow of electrons begins, it essentially goes on forever, making it an important material to humans. Superconductivity was discovered by a Dutch scientist by the name of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in 1911. While researching properties of materials at absolute zero, this man found out that certain materials lost its resistance to the flow of electrons. For years to come, his discovery was at the head of theoretical interest. The only problem though, was that people at that time could not even think of a way to produce such a temperature, to allow materials to be superconductors at all times. This all changed in 1986 when Karl Muller and George Bednorz were working at the IBM Research Division in Zurich, Switzerland. They found a material that reached superconductivity at around 35 degrees Kelvin or 238 degrees Celsius. In the next year, a team of Chinese-American physicists declared that they had found a material that reached superconductivity at 92 degrees Kelvin. This was a big improvement. 92 degrees Kelvin is not a very high temperature, in fact, it is the equivalent of 181 degree s Celsius. Locating superconducting material above 77 degree Kelvin is a good thing because it means that the material will be easily produced and used. A theoretical understanding of superconductivity was advanced in 1957 by American physicists John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and John Schrieffer. Their Theories of Superconductivity became know as the BCS theory (which came from each mans last name) and won them a Nobel prize in 1972. The BCS theory explained superconductivity at temperatures close to absolute zero. However, at higher temperatures and with different superconductor systems, the BCS theory has conseq ...

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Jet blue technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Jet blue technology - Research Paper Example Traditionally, firms depended on management and market forces to streamline their strategies but currently they have found the need to be abreast with innovations which in most cases have been necessitated by advances in technology and the unpredictable consumer tastes and preferences. This has led to a continuous process of integration by people around the globe brought about by increased interdependence due to the need to exchange information, ideas, opinions, goods and services and the cultural aspects. The unpredictability of consumer tastes and preferences have influenced the manner in which firms approach business opportunities and influenced by the rapid inventions in science and technology and innovations in business policies and mechanisms, firms have been competing to stay relevant in the market over their rivals. Aviation industry on the other hand has been putting so much emphasis on technology from their carriers to innovations that enhance smooth delivery of their servi ces to the large and growing customer base and competition. This include construction of planes that offer cargo and passenger services which are later mechanized or customized to incorporate features that distinguish a certain firm from the other for competitive advantage. This is further coupled with onboard and off board services to the passengers and other marketing strategies that ensure the firm stays relevant in the industry by acquiring a substantial market share in form of client base while it manages the incorporation of these innovations with the market returns. These technological advancements comes with barriers with which firms need to evaluate first to ascertain the overall cost and the general impact of the strategy to the firm’s position in the industry and its long and short term objectives. This has in the long run helped management to devise integration measures between the technological innovations and the existing labor force within these firms maintaini ng profitability and continuity of these firms. By adopting science and technology in the service delivery within the aviation industry has streamlined contractual aspect of transacting partners more so in the cargo section by providing timely response to both parties which has helped reduce legal tussles and in turn improving on the convenience and reliability aspects. Furthermore, innovations have brought solutions to many problems within the aviation industry right from marketing, client and portfolio management, human capital and firms’ organization. For instance, applying technological innovations within management section and in the research and development sections of any given firm ensures timely response to the arising matters more so in the service industry such as aviation which promotes real time course of action. Introduction Jet Blue is an airline company that has undergone several transmissions in a bid to strengthen its management and improve on service delive ry to its growing client base by merging and partnering with supplementary and complementary firms. The firm has had a strong organization culture from management to employees which has seen the firm accomplish long term and short term goals concurrently, improving on the customer attraction and retention and the overall service delivery by the airline. The firm has incorporated science and technology in almost all of its operations for convenience, reliability and outreach so as to improve

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The Architecture of Kyotos Nanban-ji Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Architecture of Kyotos Nanban-ji - Essay Example This paper highlights that the proliferation of Christianity started to be carried out in 1559; proselytizers sustained their plans and exertions despite the extreme distress that was brought about by oppression, and with the security assured by Nobunaga, a significant growth in the number of Christian followers cropped up. Nearly 20 years later, with backing from hundreds of its supporters and followers, the antiquated worship room was reconstructed, which was followed by a religious gathering in celebration for the achievement of the chapel. Nanban-ji is known as St. Mary's Temple.From the study it is clear that the most thought-provoking of all features of the Nanban-ji is the unorthodoxy of its architectural design. The Nanban-ji Church was built by the Europeans, particularly the Southern Barbarians, but there seems to be a more Chinese rather than a European touch on its architectural details. There is a significant resemblance of the architecture during the Momoyama period in Nanban-ji's overall design. One important feature of the Nanban-ji is the use of folding screens that are made in pairs with decorations fronting the onlookers and guests. Division is common in Nanban-ji. The substantial utilization of folding screens help set up the Church’s factions: guest hall, worship hall, main hall, kitchen, sleeping quarters, and abbot’s quarters.  Looking at Nanban-ji’s integrated architectural plan, an architectural hierarchy manifests in the arrangement and organization of buildings – apart from the Nanban-ji temple.

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Chariots of Fire Essay Example for Free

Chariots of Fire Essay Answer: In the film Chariots of Fire, Directed by Hugh Hudson, two major film techniques which have been used are slow motion and close up shots. These Production techniques reinforce the character and feelings of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams as they prepare and run in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games. The Close Up shots give us an insight into Eric’s Character and reactions, specifically when he makes the decision not to run on the Sabbath. Slow motion tells us of the nervousness and loneliness of Harold as he waits for the races to start, and communicates the feeling of tension to the viewers . The film techniques in Chariots of Fire enhance the characters personalities and form a link with the theme and major events in the story line. Close up shots are used in Chariots of Fire to portray the honesty and integrity of Eric Liddell, â€Å"the Flying Scotsman†, and his personality and approach to the Olympic Games. When Eric arrived in Paris he was confronted with the problem of running his 100m heats on the Sabbath. Eric decides that he won’t run on the Sabbath because, â€Å"the Sabbath is Gods and I for one intend to keep it that way†, â€Å"I won’t run and that’s final†. The close up shots showed us Eric’s reactions and emotions which exposed how Eric was a transparent character whose life was governed by faith, honesty and loyalty to God. Hugh Hudson has used slow motion during the Olympic races to portray the honesty and integrity of Harold Abraham and Eric Liddell. The slow motion technique is also used to portray the loneliness and solitary feeling before races. At the start of Harold’s race it shows his determination to win, â€Å"If I can’t win, I won’t run†. Harold was a Jew and was determined to prove that he could run, it was his weapon against the rising of Anti-Semitism before World War Two. The slow motion in Eric’s race shows the viewers the different style of running he has and how each movement counts towards the final victory. Eric said â€Å"God made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure†; the slow motion shows how he loves running, but reminds us of his firm faith and trust in God which will never be severed. Slow motion shots showed me the feelings of the runners during their races and deepened the sense of nervousness, but determination to run the race to victory in both of the main characters. The two production techniques close up shots and slow motion, enhance the link between the characters and the theme of faith and endurance, the understanding of character feelings and determination made the film worthwhile because you can sense the tenseness of the character and their yearning for victory as the both had â€Å"something personal to prove†. The production techniques helped me to understand the characters faith and the strength of their faith which governed their lives, never to decrease but continually increase and inspire others to run a straight race morally, have ambition and determination, this theme is especially prominent as we are shown how Eric’s faith in God was his strength when running and pathway to victory. Two major production techniques in Chariots of Fire, used by Hugh Hudson were close up and slow motion, these two techniques enhanced my understanding of the main characters, Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams. The techniques portrayed character feelings, formation and the result of crucial decision making. This film is worthwhile to watch because not only because of the way the director has used techniques to make it easier to understand the lives of the two Olympic heroes and inspire future generations, but to get an insight of how these two runners achieved their goal and their personal reasons for pursuing victory.

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Hemingway Code Hero Essay -- essays papers

Hemingway Code Hero In this novel A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway brings about the evolution of Frederick Henry being converted into a code hero in realistic ways. Frederick Henry achieved the six code hero characteristics by the end of the novel with the help of Catherine, a code hero herself. All the characteristics seem to follow the path of a manly person who is continuously striving to live his/her life to the fullest. Throughout this novel, Frederick Henry's behavior matures to the code hero in which Hemingway desires to be. In the start of the novel, Frederick Henry was into over- sensual pleasures and could not control himself until he had spent much time with Catherine and learned how to discipline himself. Henry "had drunk much wine" and roamed from whore house to whore house near the beginning of the novel. He had no control over himself nor could hold his liquor or contain himself from easy women during this time. Henry finally disciplined himself near the end of his stay at the Ospidale Maggoire. The nada concept had been a part of Henry's life from the beginning. Henry stood up nights because the night is a representation of evil and death to him. If he is not asleep, he can avoid having to deal with it. Henry also is accompanied by Catherine during nights at the Ospidale Maggoire. To Henry there "was almost no difference in the night except that is was an even better time" with Catherine. Catherine, who is already a code hero...

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Possible Community Health Hesi Topics

Potential Community Health HESI Topic Areas These are some additional areas you may want to considering being familiar with: Ancathosis nigricans A skin condition characterized by dark, thick, velvety skin in body folds and creases. Most often, acanthosis nigricans affects your armpits, groin and neck. There's no specific treatment for acanthosis nigricans † but treating any underlying conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, may cause the changes in your skin changes to fade Characteristics of acanthosis nigricans include: Skin changes. Skin changes are the only signs of acanthosis nigricans.You'll notice dark, thick, velvety skin in body folds and creases † typically in your armpits, groin and neck. Sometimes the lips, palms or soles of the feet are affected as well. Slow progression. The skin changes appear slowly, sometimes over months or years. Possible itching. Rarely, the affected areas may itch. Acanthosis nigricans is often associated with conditions that increa se your insulin level, such as type 2 diabetes or being overweight. If your insulin level is too high, the extra insulin may trigger activity in your skin cells. This may cause the characteristic kin changes.Question pertained to nurse checking for lice and noticing dark patch of skin on neck. Advisor role Antepartum – risk factors Anthrax incubation and exposure Assess trends and patterns Assessing income Assessment – validation Assignments – home care; Make sure students know how to prioritize home health clients (i. e. which ones to see/call back first. ) When given the choice between a patient with COPD who is short of breath, a terminally ill pt who refuses to eat or drink, or a pt with congestive heart failure who has gained 3 lbs, choose the last one. Asthma triageBattering-communication If the question pertains to a nurse suspecting a female patient has been abused and the woman has her child in the room with her, the nurse should ask the child to leave the room and question the woman about the abuse. The question does not pe rtain to the child being abused. Breast cancer-risk (who is at greatest risk) Calculate rate – population COBRA-cost (client still has to pay for expenses) When the question asks what would be a concern for a person who has lost their Job but has COBRA, the answer is paying for health care/expenses.Communicable disease (pertussis) Community – assessment Community Assessment – TB Community data source Community education – evaluate Community resource – elderly Community resources-population age Community resources – rural Community strategies – mental deficiencies Cultural competence Cultural -lactose intolerant Cultural – Native American (Native Americans are at high risk for diabetes – have the highest rates, so the nurse needs to screen for and educate about this).Culturally sensitive teaching CV disease – African American Diabetes AIC If a nurse is working in a community with high rates of diabetes and implements a rogram, at the end of 1 year (or whatever evaluation period is stated) the nurse will want to evaluate hemoglobin A1 C levels to determine effectiveness of program.Disaster – Cholera (Priority for treating those with cholera: fluid and electrolytes) Disaster- Professional Disaster – red tag triage Disaster planning Disaster Preparedness – START Disaster triage – color system Elder abuse-Home setting Elder health – assessment Employee health Epidemiological triad host Epidemiological triad agent Fall in home Family assistance – ophthalmic meds Family ecomapFlu vaccine-priority Gatekeeper Genetic risk – assessment Geriatrics – home nutrition Geriatric syndrome – home health GTD-hCG values Health Promotion Program – Planning Heart healthy diet – limit Heat stroke If an adolescent is playing sports at school and goes to the school nu rse with red, dry skin and other symptoms of heat stroke, the first thing the nurse should do is call for emergency personnel (not assess). Hepatitis A – risk Hep B vaccine – pregnancy Hepatovax B allergy Home care referral Home Health – Management Home health – PT Home safety – post arthroplastyHypertension-BP measure Immunize – 3rd world country Immunization rates Increase vaccination rates Infant mortality rate Influenza -prophylactic Relenza Lillian Wald – Henry Street (she established the Henry Street Settlement) Lipid screening Long-term care-infection Long-term car – fall prevention Meals-on-wheels Medicare Menomune vaccine Migrant worker risks Morbidity data – gather Morbidity data-glaucoma If a nurse is working with an elderly population and most of them are choosing to get a surgery that will CURE glaucoma, then the nurse will be concerned with assessing revalence of glaucoma (not morbidity).Needs assessment Ne ighborhood safe houses Neuman model – line of defense Obese children-parent involvement Occupational health – smoking Occupational nurse practitioner role Oral contraceptives – smokers Osteoporosis – prevention Outcome evaluation Polypharmacy – GERI Post vaccination teaching Primary prevention – adolescents Primary prevention – WIC Priority – HF lab results Program goal setting ty Care – nursing nome Quality Care – public clinic management Quality health – bicycle safety Rash with fever – PEDI (chicken pox)Ritalin evaluation – adolescent Assessing intervention with ADHD in an adolescent: get their feedback on improvement, as their self-esteem is priority School age screen (obesity) School nurse role If an adolescent comes to a school nurse and tells her she is pregnant, the nurse will want to implement measures to ensure the teen and her baby are healthy. These things include referral to prena tal care, encouraging prenatal vitamins, etc.The nurse will NOT tell the parents and things like arranging childcare or teaching breastfeeding are not something the school nurse will be involved in. creening – DM – PEDI Screening priority Question regarding hypothyroidism and the nurse recognizes that mental dysfunction is a long-term consequence. What is screening priority? Answers included screening for T3 in preschoolers or children (? ), iodine screening in people over 60, TSH in women over 45, and T4 in newborns. The answer is T4 in newborns.Seat belt safety-adolescents Secondary prevention – tobacco Secondary prevention – children Sensitivity of tests Social organization Stakeholder If a community health nurse is going into a community to try to develop or implement n intervention, remember one of the key things he/she must do is form a relationship with someone who would be identified as the stakeholder. Stakeholders will be someone who is invested in the health of the community and will be invested in the program to be implemented.They will be vital in the nurse gaining access into the community, the success of the program, and ensuring the sustainability of the program. STD-Reporting If an adolescent goes to the health dept and is diagnosed with chlamydia, the nurse must report this. It is a reportable disease that is monitored by the state and the CDC, and the disease intervention specialist must be informed to do contact tracing.

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The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury Utopia: an ideal place (fictional) This short story is an example of Dystopian fiction – dealing with a society that embodies a flawed perfection – achieved at a cost. In the story, Ray Bradbury attacks a society which is, in effect, a police state – a totalitarian regime. The sole representative of the regime is, appropriately, the police car. Mead is a non-conformist whose ‘crime’ is to walk for pleasure – a most simple and natural activity.The oppressive nature of the regime is emphasised by the fact that such a basic human activity is prohibited and has been eradicated – as indicated by the disused sidewalks. The nature of this soulless society is emphasised again and again by numerous images connected with death: â€Å"dark windows† â€Å"not unlike walking through a graveyard† â€Å"tomb-like buildings† and â€Å"grey phantoms†By contrast the vivid sensory description of M ead’s walk is conveyed through crisp natural images which evoke the senses and show his delight in simple pleasures and sensations: breathing in the cold November air and its â€Å"crystal frost† makes his â€Å"lungs blaze like a Christmas tree inside† the â€Å"branches filled with invisible snow†. This is a society which (it is implied) is kept docile and uninformed by a diet of poor quality TV programmes (which, we assume from the Police Car’s incredulity when Mead explains that he has no TV, are controlled by the State).The minds of the population have been dulled by the TV they are incessantly and acceptingly fed. Only Mead can see through the banality and predictability of the programmes: †Where are the cowboys rushing? † †A dozen assorted murders† †A comedian falling off the stage† There is nothing to stimulate the intellect of the population here. Despite the (large) number of channels, there is a comple te absence of any political programme which might challenge the government. Possibly suggesting brain-washing.If not, it is clear from the way that the population is described that they are not capable intellectually of challenging the government – they are portrayed as automatons – unthinking, unchallenging, uninformed. The suggestion is that the minds of this population are chained and dulled by the government’s actions. Informed, intelligent, alert people would pose a threat and ask awkward questions. Mead is the last of such people and his nightly covert walks are, we presume a way to find like-minded people.His rebellion, if we can call it that, is hardly the most active – he seems to have accepted or resigned himself to the fact that he can no longer pursue his career and seems a broken man at the end of the story. Setting In contrast to the rest of the population, the individuality and free-thinking nature of Mead’s mind is emphasised by nat ural images. The simile â€Å"only his shadow moving like the shadow of a hawk† conveys both an impression of a hunter and an image of soaring freedom.The fact that â€Å"he could imagine himself upon the centre of a plain, a wintry, windless Arizona desert† highlights his individuality and the sense of emptiness that he feels in a society that is, effectively, dead. The rest of the population and the city itself are portrayed as being dead. The buildings and city are architecturally dead – the â€Å"buckling concrete walk† suggesting decay and â€Å"tomb-like buildings† suggesting that those inside are dead. Even Nature itself seemed outraged by the setting and tried, it seemed, to bury it â€Å"like cement was vanishing under flowers and grass†The Police Car The imagery associated with the police car is harsh, cold, threatening, oppressive, that of hunter and its paralysed prey â€Å"flashed a fierce white cone of light upon him† â €Å"It smelled of riveted steel. It smelled of harsh antiseptic† Images which mirror the nature of the regime which is personified and represented by the car. Frequent use of word-choice linked to metallic, robotic, mechanical ideas. The voice of the police car also sounds robotic: short, sharp peremptory commands contrast with Mead’s fuller more warm and personal replies.The clearest indication of the nature of the regime comes in the interrogation: The lack of recognition of Mead’s profession and the incredulity that he does not have a TV set hint strongly at state control. In this dystopian society, anything connected with the arts: creativity, beauty, the senses†¦ is not recognised. Only that which is manufactured is recognised. Books and writing have no place in this regime. In a similar manner, the police car is unable to comprehend that Mead was simply walking for its own pleasurable sake. â€Å"Walking, just walking, walking? The repetition of walk ing gives the impression of the car’s brain malfunction. It cannot grasp that anyone would do something simply for the pleasure of it, not without a reason. Only Mead is capable of wry humour (a human quality) Are you married, Mr Mead No Nobody wanted me, said Leonard Mead with a Smile. Irony Mead is to be taken to an asylum – â€Å"To the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies†. Note the use of official sounding language – a euphemism designed to hide the true purpose of such a place – echoing SovietAsylums in which those who actively opposed the state’s political ideals were sent to an ‘asylum’ to be ‘re-educated’ – brain-washed until they did accept what the state wanted them to believe. The great irony here is that Mead – the only sane man in this insane society is being sent to an asylum. Symbolism. On their way to the asylum through, they pass Mead’s house. It is ablaze w ith lights in contrast to the dark city. â€Å"electric light brilliantly lit, every window a loud yellow illumination. It is a symbol of hope of vibrant life – light is a universal symbol of hope, but the car is swallowed up once more into the darkness (literally and figuratively). â€Å"The car moved down the empty river-bed streets† natural images of decay and life-lessness. Structure Mead’s capture is represented in stages. Contrast the positive, empowering image of him as a hawk – conveying a sense of freedom with his reaction to the car †not unlike a night moth, stunned by the illumination† The short story remains fairly uneventful throughout, therefore the structure reflects this.However, the featurelessness of structure (which in turn reflects the bleakness of the landscape) is broken by the tension created by the interrogation of the police car. The apparent tedium of the walk through the grey town is transformed into a gripping tens e episode. Near the end, the short story bursts into another high point of hope with the wonderful climactic symbol of the house ablaze with light – a symbol of hope. Nevertheless, we are again plunged into dark anti-climax as we realise that the house is only one lone point of hope, soon to be submerged within the blanket of darkness everywhere.Themes: 1. The distrust and ultimate destruction of the individual in a totalitarian state 2. Bradbury considers such a police state to be alien to the natural laws of Mankind – man should be free to voice his feelings. 3. He points to the dangers of state-controlled media which can brainwash a nation, State-controlled TV programmes being, effectively, propaganda. 4. He points to the dangers of a docile, unquestioning society. 5. Glancing euphemistic references to ‘psychiatric hospitals’. 6. Pessimistic – the light in the darkness is extinguished.

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Essay on Muslims

Essay on Muslims Essay on Muslims Islam, Arab and Middle Eastern Americans: A view from the outside Lee S. Snider Chamberlain College of Nursing Islam, Arab and Middle Eastern Americans: A view from the outside A. Jamal & N. Naber (2008) wrote not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs, when in fact, the United States often conflates the categories of Arab and Muslims. The top six countries with the largest Muslim populations are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Iran. None of these countries are Arab. Arab countries include a diversity of linguistic, ethnic and religious groups (Jamal et al, 2008). In this paper we will discuss what is it to be Muslim in America both pre/post Gulf Wars and post September 11, 2001. First, this paper will explain the basic understanding of Islam and those who practice it and how it differs and relates to three other religious beliefs Christianity, Judaism and the often confused with, Sikhism. Second, this paper will review the differing points of view of Islam and Arabs from both the United Kingdom and United States. How are they the same? How are they different? Why have these nations just started to recognize this group not as citizens, but both as domestic and foreign terrorists? Continuing, we will review the history of Arabs, Arab Americans, Muslims and people of Middle Eastern decent living in the United States. We will discuss some the prejudices and discriminations Arab-Americans, Arabs, Muslims and people of Middle Eastern decent have endured since the two Gulf Wars and the September 11 terroristic attack. Finally, we will discuss what w e can do to help alleviate the current prejudicial and discriminatory attitude of race and religious relations among the United States, Arab Americans, Arabs, Middle Eastern and Islam. Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over 1 billion followers (British Broadcasting Company (BBC), 2009). Islam was revealed over 1400 years ago in Mecca, Arabia and those who practice it are called Muslims. Muslims believe there is only one God – Allah. Muslims believe that God sent a number of prophets to mankind to teach them how to live according to Prophet Muhammad. Muslims base their laws on their holy book the Quran and the practice of Sunnah (BBC, 2009). To Muslims, the scripture of the Quran is the word of Allah as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel (Housley, 2007). Approximately one third of the Quran’s text is made up of narratives of earlier prophets, most of them biblical and the Quran rewrites the story of Jesus Christ more radically than that of any other prophet and in doing so reinvents him (Khalidi, 2009). The Sunnah is the practical example of the Prophet Muhammad and the five basic Pillars of Islam. These pillars are (1) the declaration of faith, (2) praying five times a day in a mosque, (3), giving money to charity, (4) fasting and (5) a pilgrimage to Mecca – at least once in a Muslims’ life (BBC, 2009). Christianity on the other hand is the world’s most popular religion with over 2 billion followers. Unlike Muslims, Christians believe in one God and that this God sent his only son, Jesus to earth to save humanity from the consequences of sins (BBC, 2011). Christianity in relation to Islam is viewed both as a precursor in the line of historical monotheism and also as a deficient form that have deviated from its purity (Thomas, 2005). Christians believe in the holy trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christians base their beliefs on their holy book, the Bible. One of the most important concepts in Christianity is when Jesus gave his life on the cross-called, the crucifixion, and then his rising from the dead, the resurrection. However, there are many people who identify as Christian without believing in, observing any Christian traditions or holy concepts which would be heresy for Muslims. Negative stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs have

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Unit 5, Chapter 10,11, and 12 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 5, Chapter 10,11, and 12 - Coursework Example Bartol, in her book Management: A pacific rim focus, illustrates a process of change management in eight steps. The problem of having adversarial relationships that are proven to be counterproductive and detrimental to the operations within the organization has to be identified. Only by recognizing that this is really a problem that has to be addressed, can solutions be determined to solve the problem. In order to backup the planned change, the most powerful sponsors, usually the key people, who are the executives, are to be informed about the planned change, and to gather their support in order for the change to be communicated to the rest of the company. In this part, the vision of changing the organizational structure has to be developed and communicated, first to those people who can pass around the information. In developing a vision, it could be helpful to involve the rest of the company in order for them not to feel like the vision is a top-down command. It is to enable them to know the situation of the company and to feel like being more involved to what is happening, which makes them more receptive to the changes that will be enforced in line with the vision. By giving the proper authority to people who are capable of communicating the desired vision about the change in organizational structure, these people will have better chance to act out the vision. This may entail choosing the right people to conduct seminars and trainings to inform the other employees about the changes, and form a certain system to create these changes. Employees should be encouraged to act out the vision and adhere to the changes that are taking place within the company. In this case, promoting cross-functional teams would entail cutting down processes that are potential barriers. Because this major structural change would require flattening the organization, as various processes would be cut down, a lot of positions come with them. This would make resistance more intense

Friday, November 1, 2019

Five Forces of Competition Model Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Five Forces of Competition Model - Coursework Example However, because of the quality of products coupled with a large portfolio of product brands, Apple has been able to survive the competition. Thus, because of the competition, Apple Inc.’s position in the industry cannot be challenged due to threat of entry of a new firm given the current trends of acquisitions taking place in the industry (Motorola acquisition by Google) is anything to go by implying new firms with same old or new technology will have to be acquired to survive competition from the already established companies. Finally, the strong bargaining power of buyers and suppliers is proving a challenge to Apple because the company cannot raise prices for its products due to availability of close substitutes (Michael, 2008). However, Apple has embarked on a strategy of developing differentiated high-quality products for its consumers, which seems to be giving the company a competitive edge due to customer loyalty. Ultimately, based on my analysis, I believe the industry is still young and lucrative for Apple Inc. to continue thriving if they keep on pursuing their goals of creating high-quality and pursue t he goal of goal of customized products for