Friday, February 21, 2020

Neuroscience Dissertation Introduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Neuroscience Dissertation Introduction - Essay Example Whenever we fall or cut ourselves we experience pain, sometimes unbearable. Hence, our body tells us to take adequate care of that part so that the damage is looked after. We take the help of various pain killers that are available in the market to control and get rid of the pain. Apart from the medicines, anesthesia is also used to numb the pain. People are given local anesthesia before an operation. These are medicines which mix in our blood and we don’t feel the pain. Thus, the basic purpose of the pain killers is to numb the problem organ so that we do not feel any pain. It is one of the pain killers, which is the application of electric current through our skin for pain control. This research will showcase the reasons behind its working. We will also notice the intensity and the duration of the current passed into our skin. The unit used for this is called the TENS that is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is unlike any other pain killers as it does not penetrate into the body. It is a safe nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic. There are results to show that TENS can be used as the best pain killer. The constant mode of TENS is found to give a better post analgesic effect for TENS users with chronic pain in clinical trials. However no one has investigated how the harmless feelings can be affected by constant mode TENS. Harmless or non-noxious stimulation is generally used by the animal to make it aware of the state of its body and of its immediate environment. This can be tested by using a non-painful stimulation method, 2 point discrimination test. Any changes after the TENS treatment can affect the awareness of movements and relative position of body parts. This can be a potential issue for some TENS users with balance problem. An experiment was done on this and was found that constant mode TENS gives a higher pain threshold than frequency modulated TENS during

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Film Analysis on Badlands (1973) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Film Analysis on Badlands (1973) - Essay Example It ends with arrest of Kit while Holly receives probation (Sheen and Spacek 1). Editing The movie is edited in an appropriate and excellent manner because it is based on ancient time. This is apparent from the ancient designs of the houses presented in the movie. The clothing in the film suggests that the story happened in the mid 20th century. The film portrays crime and love as the main themes. In as much as love is a good thing, Kits and Holly’s relationship are characterized criminal activities. Holly narrates the story as it begins with her confession of ignorance on the consequences of her actions as well as Kits. The movie employs narration and flashbacks in presentation of the storyline. At the beginning, Holly confesses her ignorance and then proceeds to explain actions that led to her current state using narration. However, the story does not rely on narration alone but rather takes the audience through flashbacks highlighting activities that took place when Holly me ets Kit (Sheen and Spacek 1). The scenes follow in a successful sequence by portraying the lovable yet precarious situation of Kit and Holly. The audience loves the characters at this stage. The audience’s feelings change as they run from Holly burnt home. The editors made it appear as the expectations of the viewer slowly move from a sweet story to a thrilling encounter that is full of suspense and curiosity. The film portrays arrogant nature of Kit and his antisocial behavior. Holly’s narration uses third person as the subject. Her voice portrays her indifference after developing feelings of romance, violence, fear, hope and the ultimate fate that befalls them. Death does not seem to weigh on the conscience of the two lovers. This comes out in Holly’s passive voice as she describes her father’s reaction when he found out that she was secretly having an affair. In a voice devoid of emotions, she says, â€Å"his punishment for deceiving him: he went and shot my dog. He made me take extra music lessons every day after school, and wait there till he came to pick me up. He said if piano didn’t keep me off the streets, maybe the clarinet would† (Klein 1). She emphasizes her father’s treatment towards her and only mentions the death of the dog as a minor explanation (Klein 1). The film does not offer psychological concepts to explain the actions of the two characters. However, the film edition clearly points out the traits of the two characters. Production of the film is based on narration of Holly’s experience. The story follows the transformation of the girl’s innocence because she eventually realizes the processes in the world and law systems. Consequently, it does not explain Kit’s reasons for behaving in the manner he does. The story’s main setting is the road. Consequently, the film has various characters emerging and disappearing. The story only follows the two characters and touche s on their status at different times. Consequently, the production does not employ complex plotting (Sheen and Spacek 1) Sounds The sounds used in this film are both diegetic and non-diegetic. Diegetic sounds portray the world experienced by the characters, Kit and Holly. On the other hand, non-diegetic music allows the audience to understand the circumstances caused by the actions of the two lovers. Diegetic music entails the sounds felt by the characters while non-diegetic sounds are for the sake of the audience (Klein 1). Non-diegetic sounds emerge at