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Quality of Life for the Patient and Family Essay

Quality of life has a different meaning for everyone. Many personal thoughts and feelings can come into play when caring for others during the end stages of life. However as a nurse and caregiver, these opinions must be put aside at this significant time. For some health care providers, we may feel that keeping the patient comfortable and having them surrounded by family is most important. However, for the patient, personal culture, lifestyle and value for one self as well as a sense of independence in handling this time alone is most imperative. Therefor a nurse must consider the individual’s past experiences, present lifestyle and personal hopes in which they choose to live in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns at this stage. One must meet not only the physical needs of the patient but the psychosocial demands in this sensitive time of need. Seeking aggressive medical treatment vs. palliative care is something that is very personal and differs from individual to individual. Nurses’ opinions and suggestions of the â€Å"best care† should not be voiced to the patient or family, even if asked directly. For Mrs. Thomas, time also plays an important role. She is young and may have many other worries than those of an older age experience in preparing for end of life. A nurse must consider what areas of life are important to her and what is the relative importance of each of these areas. Personal perception that counting on family support is huge, but may not be possible in Mrs. Thomas’ situation as her children live out of town. STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE The nurse should look at several strategies that directly impact the patient as well as the family. Quality of life not only looks at the health status the patient but those directly involved in the care of the patient. This encompasses a broader set of planning including finances, housing, and employment. This will have a direct impact on the entire family. Three important strategies that are helpful to relieve overall stress and promote optimal coping skills include: 1) patient awareness of disease process, 2) available support from healthcare providers and 3) addressing physical as well as the psychosocial needs of the patient. Healthcare professionals must be prepared and speak directly with the patient and family when it is determined best to the physician’s ability, that the identified disease of breast cancer will cause death. Advance planning and preparation may be helpful in dying well if Mrs. Thomas is more aware about her status of disease. Physicians and nurses must change the plan of aggressive medical treatments of curing the disease of breast cancer and concentrate providing support and a comfortable well being of the deteriorating disease process. This in turn should provide a plan of care for relief of pain, contentment to the patient and focus on the overall whole being of quality of life. The homecare team can include doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, and clergy as well as trained volunteers. Most team members provide on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver support. The patient and family should feel the comfort in calling these resources at anytime. The nurse must remind Mrs. Thomas and her husband that they are not â€Å"bothering† any team member by asking for assistance. The team must always work together and communicate the patient’s goals for end-of-life care. It is important for all to realize this is very individualized for each patient and family member. Each individual strategy should include caring for the whole person physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It important for the team to develop strengths based perspectives of psychosocial interventions and listen to what the patient and family have to say to enable them to cope better. In doing so, the team must also communicate on each encounter with Mrs. Thomas and family as well as each other to assure that her and the husband’s needs are being met. HOLISTIC CARE A holistic nursing care plan in valuable in delivering care to the entire person in supporting the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental needs. With this approach, nursing care needs to move away from viewing Mrs. Thomas as merely a ‘diagnosis’ and treating her as a whole person. Nursing goals should be to develop immediate trust with the patient and family, provide comfort, supportive care, and symptom management. This can be achieved by effective communication and providing a calm, relaxed setting for Mrs. Thomas. Allowing her to speak openly and honestly about her feelings and emotions of grief, physical complaints such as pain, nausea, and difficulty sleeping is a good way to start to develop a trusting nurse/patient relationship. As a nurse, one must be supportive and be willing to listen openly. Once Mrs. Thomas begins to express these types of things, the nurse must review and evaluate every visit to improve specific concerns with her. More importantly, healthcare providers must display an openness to hear new concerns and prioritize the needs of the patient and family. FUNCTIONAL ABILITY Assessments to maintain the self functional ability for Mrs. Thomas should include creating a plan to achieve realistic goals and allow self care as long as possible. This in turn can give control back to Mrs. Thomas, help raise confidence and value her quality of life. Mrs. Thomas’ physical, social and environmental conditions should also be considered to help her care for herself. Discussing the 24/7 availability of visits from registered nurses and social workers, involving family and friends or volunteers that can help with running errands and meal preparation for adequate dietary intake, and discussing appropriate medical equipment to assist with ADLs such as performing personal hygiene can prove to be helpful. PROVIDING ADDITIONAL CARE When self-care is no longer possible, the importance of more frequent nurse and/or social worker visits, and interaction of clergy is valuable. In addition, further involvement of additional family, friends, home health aides or volunteers to assist not only with running errands, meal preparation and assistance with ADLs but being present in the home for longer periods to care directly for Mrs. Thomas becomes more imperative. The nurse can assist in making sure appropriate DME equipment is in the home. In addition, this turns out to be a time when additional emotional support is of great concern for Mr. Thomas. CHRONIC DEPRESSION Mr. Thomas already suffers from chronic depression and now has to endure immense and continuous stress to care for his wife with advanced breast cancer. Over time this takes a toll his health, ability to work, finances, and their own personal and family needs. Involvement of not only the nurse, but also social worker and bereavement counselor can help Mr. Thomas tremendously. Encouraging him to take his medications will help both him and his wife. Also, reassurance that it is okay to want quiet time and allowing others to help to care for his wife should be verbalized to him in a caring manner. Taking some of the financial worries away from Mr. Thomas may help as well. The social worker can discuss resources that are of no cost from community volunteer organizations and review the reimbursement of covered services from the insurance organization at the beginning and in ongoing care of his wife. Sharing the right information with the patient’s family is very important and can assist in better coping. Again, the home care team must offer an environment that provides the openness to hear all concerns and overall needs of not only the patient but also her family.

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Commercial surrogacy Essay

Commercial surrogacy refers to a process in which a couple or individual pays a fee to a woman, a surrogate mother, who agrees to carry and give birth to a baby on their behalf. It is an option for couples and individuals who wish to have a child, but due to circumstances, cannot have one. Surrogacy may be commercial, where the surrogate mother is paid for her services; or altruistic, where there is no payment and usually the surrogate mother is related with the commissioning couple or individual. Commercial surrogacy must be brought to an end and made illegal worldwide! Why you ask? Firstly, do those who support commercial surrogacy really take into account how dangerous it can be for the baby? Or the possible issues that may occur if something goes wrong? No, they definitely don’t! Surely if they did they wouldn’t pay a surrogate mother to do so! In addition to that, the surrogate mother are usually women who choose to be a surrogate mother living in harsh conditions within developing countries, where I will specifically be talking about women in India who are being exploited due to their unfortunate lifestyles. Finally to drive the point home, I will highlight the gruelling reality of commercial surrogacy caused by corrupt organisations that control poor women going through all the hardship in developing countries. A controversial issue in the news within the past year concerning commercial surrogacy involved this adorable little boy – which you can see in this photo – of baby Gammy, a Thai boy who is one of two twins born in India by a surrogate mother. His biological parents were Australians who claimed that they didn’t abandon him when finding out he had down-syndrome. Although, Mr and Mrs Farnell (Baby Gammy’s biological parents) claim that â€Å"they didn’t know about the other baby† which is false because, in truth there is concrete evidence that when the surrogate mother discovered she was carrying twins, the biological parents offered an additional $2,000 Australian dollars for the twin, however, when it was discovered that one of the babies had down-syndrome, the Australians told her to abort the affected twin. Just because he had a healthy twin sister, Baby Gammy was abandoned by his heartless and cruel biological parents as they refused to ta ke him back to Australia. Now, when we hear about terrible things like this happening to a  child, our natural reaction is usually to demand better protection with the hope that we can prevent situations such as this from occurring again. Because Baby Gammy was diagnosed with down-syndrome, it gives no excuse or right justification for his parents to abandon him! He may be born through surrogacy but these heartless Australians are still his biological parents, who yearned for a child and once they had their wish fulfilled, they cruelly left him. Parents who are capable of giving birth to their own children would most definitely never abandon their child after finding out they have down-syndrome. So what gives this couple the right to abandon Baby Gammy? This situation really comes to show how largely unregulated commercial surrogacy is and this is why commercial surrogacy should be made illegal in all countries. We all must bring an end to awful situations such as this from ever occurring again. Not to mention, in the future when baby Gammy grows up he would also be affected mentally, emotionally and most likely be very unstable as well due to his down-syndrome, as well as having to hear and accept that he was abandoned by his biologicals parents. Not only did this issue cause a racket as to awareness for this poor child but this issue is also seen as child â€Å"I think that is going down the wrong path as a society if children become a commodity that you can buy.† Another concerning issue involves the surrogate mothers, who are often living in developing countries with circumstances that are extremely harsh and very much unethical. The poor, illiterate women of rural backgrounds are often persuaded in such deals by their spouse or middlemen for earning easy money. These women often have no right nor better options with regards to their own body and life. In India, there is no provision of psychological screening or legal counselling and often after recruitment by co mmercial agencies, these women are shifted into hostels for the whole duration of pregnancy on the excuse of taking antenatal care. The real motive is to guard them and to avoid any social stigma of being outcast by their community. These women spend the whole tenure of pregnancy worrying about their household and children. Only being able to see their family once a week on Sundays. The worst part is that in cases of unfavourable outcome of pregnancy, they are unlikely to be paid, and there is no provision of insurance or post-pregnancy medical and psychiatric support for them. Rich career women who do not want to take the trouble of carrying their own pregnancy are  resorting to hiring surrogate mothers. There are a number of moral and ethical issues regarding surrogacy, which has become more of a commercial racket, and there is an urgent need for framing and implementation of laws for the parents and the surrogate mother. Lastly, as a poor surrogate mother gets very much needed money, an infertile couple gets their long-desired biologically related baby and the country earns foreign currency, but the real picture reveals the bitter truth. Due to lack of proper legislation, both surrogate mothers and intended parents are somehow exploited and the profit is earned by middlemen and commercial agencies. There is no transparency in the whole system, and the chance of getting involved in legal problems is there due to unpredictable regulations governing surrogacy in India. Some people may argue that surrogacy benefits a number of individuals such as parents, surrogates and the agencies who organise such arrangements. This is NOT the case. As previously stated, not all the third word women benefit adequately and furthermore commercial surrogacy involves the marketing of babies as commodities, to be bought and sold in a commercial transaction. This may have negative psychological consequences for the child in later life. The consequences of being treated as a commodity are still not known so it is unreasonable to take such a risk. Having everyone believe that women in India and other developing countries are being paid by carrying and delivering the baby is purely untruthful and deceiving towards society, deep down it’s the organisations that get all the benefit and profit. There are incidences where the child given to couple after surrogacy is not genetically related to them and in turn, is disowned by the intended parent and has to spend his life in an orphanage.

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Microsoft report as an organization for Managent Course Essay

Microsoft report as an organization for Managent Course - Essay Example Moreover, Microsoft offers assistance in managing the progress of the organization/company in the following ways: Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, certifies and maintains a broad range of software products and services for computing devices. Bill Gates is the founder of the Microsoft Company. The name of the company ‘Microsoft’ is derived from the terms ‘software’ and ‘microcomputer.’ The first international office of Microsoft was established in Japan in 1978, titled ‘ASCII Microsoft.’ In 1981, the firm established an integrated business in Washington (USA). The company is headquarters in Redmond, USA. Today, its most profitable products are the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software. The primary working system of the Microsoft was founded in 1980. Very soon, the firm started to create numerous new programs and there was no looking back! In 1983, Microsoft developed a residence computer arrangement named MSX. Since then, Microsoft beca me the largest competitor in the business for producing top-of-the-line facilities i.e., the Windows. In 2001 Microsoft launched a personal computer system. Microsoft offers various products and services which are simple, easy-to-use, and accessible for every one. â€Å"HP, the world’s largest technology company, provides printing and personal computing products and IT services, software and solutions that simplify the technology experience for consumers and businesses. HP completed its acquisition of EDS on Aug. 26, 2008.† (New HP products and services enhance Microsoft Virtualization from desktop to data centre, 2010, para.14). In order to satisfy the ever-growing needs of customers, a proper balance must be struck between the knowledge of the customer and what he anticipates from the product

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Public Private Partnerships Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Public Private Partnerships - Coursework Example The government sometimes contribute to a PPP in a form other than cash or capital, it can transfer some of the already existing assets to the PPP. In certain types of PPP where the projects involve the creation of public goods for example in the infrastructure or say educational sector, the government sometimes provide a capital subsidy to the PPP in the shape of a one-time grant or something similar to make the PPP more attractive to private investors. The government support in some cases may be in the form of revenue subsidies provision which includes tax breaks or the removal of guaranteed annual revenues for a particular time period (Zheng, 2008). In the previous 2 decades, over 1400 PPP deals have been signed in the European Union which represent approximately â‚ ¬260 billion estimated capital value (Kappeler & Nemoz, 2010). However, the number of PPP deals has fallen by 40% since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 (Barlow, Roehrich, & Wright, 2010). The reduction in the number of public-private partnerships placed significant economic and financial strains on the respective governments which have come to heavily rely on PPPs as a significant mean for the delivery of long-term assets such as infrastructure and associated services [10]. Moreover, these reductions in PPPs have come at a time when investment in public-sector infrastructure is seen as an essential way of sustaining economic activity during the time of crisis [11]. In today’s world, the public-private partnerships provide a distinctive perspective on the mutual and network aspects of public management. The advancement of PPPs, both as an impression as well as a practice, is an outcome of public management, globalization pressures and the beginning of a state that is more strategic than bureaucratic.

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Marketing concept Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing concept - Assignment Example It will then examine why Beats Electronics used this particular concept and the extent to which it has been forced to accommodate changing trends in consumer trends and the resources that were deployed in marketing this concept and finally the analysis will consider how this concept enabled the firm to enhance on its business performance. Increasingly, firms are placing more emphasis on retaining their customers and often it takes a significant amount of effort, time as well as money in both attracting a new customer. Creating long term customers are seen as most beneficial (Gronroos & Voima, 2011). Relationship marketing is one of the theories which can be used to not only develop but also to liquidate the relationships that firms have with their customers in a manner that not only creates value, but also enhances on the firm’s level of competitiveness (Gronroos & Voima, 2011). Service quality is also another theory that seeks to explain customer value and here the quality of the provided service or product is exactly how the customer wishes it to be. In many instances, customers have a significantly wider speculation of quality which means that firms have to determine the quality in the same manner as their customers (Shamim & Ghazali, 2014). In the case of Beats Electronics, both Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine wished to provide the customer with similar headphones to the ones Apple had in the market but with better sound quality (Helm, 2014). Service quality in this instance is made up of two distinct parts which is the expected and perceived service. The perceived quality is made of two aspects: one is technical which is what the customer gets and customers often look to this aspect since it provides an overview of how the firm’s products can provide a technical solution to the problem (Shamim & Ghazali, 2014). The other aspect is functional which strives to examine the


PROMOTING RECOVERY WORKING WITH COMPLEX NEEDS - Essay Example ....................................................... 4 V. Evaluation of Assessment and Medical Intervention Based on Published Literature, Policy and Legislation ........... 5 VI. Lessons Learned from Working with Patient X ....................... 7 References †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦... 9 – 11 Introduction Patient X is 70 years old male patient with dementia who was unconscious at the time he was admitted to NHS hospital because of drug overdose (substance misuse). The patient’s neighbour reported that an empty bottle of benzodiazepines. Since the patient was living on his own, it was his neighbour who brought him to the hospital when he saw patient X lying unconsciously on the floor. Upon describing the assessment and care given to patient X, this study will demonstrate the complexity of the problem and how this imparts on the ill ness of the patient and the service providers. As part of the main discussion, the patient’s health problems including the possible causative factors, how the patient was assessed, and the medical intervention used to save the life of the patient will be described in details. In line with this, the effectiveness of these assessment and medical intervention will be evaluated based on published literature, policy and legislation. After going through reflection with regards to the process of care, lessons learned from working with patient X will be provided. Complexity of the Problem and How this Imparts on the Illness of the Patient and the Service Providers Patient X has a complex health care needs because of his severe dementia, drug overdose and serious eating problem. The fact that the patient was admitted to the hospital unconscious increases the complexity of the patient’s health problem. Benzodiazepine is a sedative drug that is commonly used to induce sleep or le ssen the levels of anxiety. To avoid coma, respiratory depression, central nervous system depression or untimely death caused by drug overdose on benzodiazepines (Ngo et al. 2007; Dart 2003, p. 811), it is important to assess and provide care and treatment to the patient without further agitating the patient’s health condition. Since the patient is already old, there is a high risk that patient X is suffering from other diseases like diabetes or heart-related problems. For this reason, wrong treatment given to the patient could cause patient X to suffer from cardiac-arrest including other kinds of health problems such as respiratory depression. On the part of the service provider, the case of patient X is sensitive since wrong decisions made with regards to the patient’s assessment and care could endanger the life of patient X. Given that patient X have family members who would claim for his body, there is a strong possibility that medical professionals working in the service provider could face legal issues related to medical ethics and negligence. Patient’s Health Problems including Its Causative Factors Dementia can occur because of ageing or excessive intake of alcohol. In line with this, several studies explained that excessive drinking of alcohol could cause serious neurological damage on the brain (Mak 2008; Kapaki 2006). Because of patient’s old age, mental health problem and poor social life, the patient’s quality of living was badly affected. Dementia is a serious health condition since the patient has loss his cognitive ability which makes the patient suffer from disorientation (Lamont 2004).

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Introduction to managerial accounting slp Assignment

Introduction to managerial accounting slp - Assignment Example With its many stores around the world, considering its chain, 16,120 stores in over 49 countries, over 10,000 stores in the United States, and many other outlets in the rest of the globe makes the company an international coffee powerhouse. The main products are the drip brewed coffee and expresso-based hot coffee drinks. As a good customer of Starbucks coffee products, I took a keen interest to study the company’s managerial accounting analysis in planning and controlling processes. This paper thus looks into how the managerial accounting works for planning and controlling processes in Starbucks. The financial records are the financial agents of any firm in matters concerning accounting management. Using the internal control process, it is true that the internal control of Starbucks over financial reporting includes maintaining records that in reasonable detail accurately and fairly reflect Starbucks’ transactions and give logical assurance that the transactions are recorded as necessary for preparation of our financial statements. Secondly, these managerial accounting principles give some logical facts and assurances that receipts and expenditures are made in accordance with management authorization (Gilligan & Wilson, 2009). Finally, the managerial accounting facts provide reasonable assurance that unauthorized acquisition, use or disposition of company assets that could have a material effect on the Starbucks’ financial statements would be prevented or detected on a timely basis. In analyzing the roles of the managerial accounting in Starbucks, it is important to determine the facts about managerial accounting. According to Maital & Seshadri, (2007), managerial accounting is basically concerned with providing information to personnel within Starbucks’ organization so that they can plan, make decisions, evaluate performance, and control operations. There are no rules and regulations associated with this field since the information is intended solely

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Spatial patterns in Okinawa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Spatial patterns in Okinawa - Essay Example Okinawa was originally occupied by the Archipelagos who used to make the region prosperous in trade during the fourteenth and sixteenth century, this is because, and it was used as an avenue for exchange between Japan and the South Eastern Asia. Okinawa island has been put into consideration by the Japanese government whereby, we find that the region is to be put under a high Administrative Management, where various principles are to be applied these include the self-reliance principle, through which the people are given an opportunity to collaborate both nationally and internationally in the development of the Okinawa Island. There are also plans to allow the industrial growth through the enhancement of employment opportunities for the people, health care provision to the people and the discovery of high-quality technological advancement and the new ways of managing human resources that will always contribute in the economic growth of the region. The island is located between the Kyusyu and Taiwan, including the major cities of Asia such as Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Manila and Tokyo that are said to be occupying part of the Okinawa Island. The island population had engaged in exclusive cultural activities such as textiles, arts and customs performance and potteries which basically contributed in the overseas trade. The geographical composition of this island include; the coral rocks, through which the rain water filter through and creating many caves on the island, this caves are said to have played a major role in the war of Okinawa where most people were using them as there areas for hiding from their enemies.

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Skills Essential at Various Levels of Management Essay

Skills Essential at Various Levels of Management - Essay Example Sales managers have the task of finding potential clients and developing accurate pitches. Technical skills are considered as indispensable to lower-level managers compared to middle-level and upper-level managers. It is essential for lower-level managers to possess technical skills as they have direct access to the employees (Williams, 2010, p. 22). Technical skills involve hands-on activity on the processes or product in the organization. It plays a significant role in producing products and services of the company (Northouse, 2009, p. 40). Middle-level and upper-level managers are mainly concern with foreseeing the overall operations of the company which requires a different set of skill. Human skills pertain to the abilities that aid the managers in effectively working with peers and subordinates to attain the goals of the organization. These skills are essential in the three levels of management. Although low-level managers communicate with a high number of employees, human skill is regarded as equally indispensable in lower and upper-level managers (Northouse, 2009, p. 41). These skills are manifested through encouraging employees to express their feelings and thoughts. Managers who possess human skills have high self-awareness and ability to understand the feelings of subordinates. These managers are likely to possess high emotional intelligence. Conceptual skills refer to the ability to grasp how each part of the company interact and affect one another and see the company as a whole (Williams, 2010, p. 23). Conceptual skills are considered as unessential for lower-level managers. More and Miller (2010) reiterated that lower-level managers allocate the least amount of time in dealing with concepts and ideas to accomplish objectives of the company (p. 17). They function mainly to execute strategies and policies designed by upper-level managers.

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Kate Chopin Essay Example for Free

Kate Chopin Essay Who comes to mind when the term â€Å"American author† is mentioned? A lot of female authors of today would say Kate Chopin, one of the most independent writers of the nineteenth century. Although Kate Chopin didn’t live to see her work re-published, she is an important author to study because her stories are influential, her ambition arouses her readers, and her point of view supports independent women. Unlike most of the women during her time period, Chopin didn’t agree on letting the men be in control. After a couple of her stories were published in Vogue Magazine, like â€Å"Desiree’s Baby† and â€Å"A Pair of Silk Stockings†, people began to start liking Chopin’s short stories (Powell). Vogue had even quoted how they â€Å"admired her brains and beauty† (Powell). It wasn’t until Chopin decided to give more of her belief of independence and write her first novel â€Å"The Awakening† for people of that time to start disliking her. Publishers cited what they considered â€Å"promotion of female self-assertion and sexual liberation† (Chopin, Kate Introduction). Libraries banned Chopin and her friends shunned her as her reputation started to fall. Kate Chopin may influence women today, but during her social period she wasn’t looked upon by many. Born into a prominent St. Louis family, Chopin was influenced by her mother and great-grandmother after the death of her father. Her family descended from French-Creole pioneers and that also influenced her to be involved with music, school, and arts (Kate Chopin: The Awakening, The Storm, Stories, Biography). Chopin graduated from a convent school at age seventeen (Kate Chopin). In 1870 she married Oscar Chopin, who was also Creole descent, and they had six children. His death in 1883 was when Kate Chopin decided to become more serious about writing (Kate Chopin). She sold all the land her and her husband owned and moved back to St. Louis with her mother. Family friends who found her letters entertaining encouraged her to â€Å"write professionally† (Chopin, Kate Introduction). Chopin started writing short stories and eventually began having her stories published in periodicals. Popular American periodicals published Kate Chopin, such as America, Vogue, and the Atlantic (Powell). Her collections â€Å"Bayou Folk† and â€Å"A Night in Acadie† made her reputation grow as an important colorist at the time (Chopin, Kate – Introduction). Chopin started writing about her husband’s death and her response to it. After trying to publish â€Å"The Awakening† she was immediately rejected because during the time it wasn’t appropriate. The novel subjected as female sexuality and adultery (Chopin, Kate – Introduction). Her reputation declined greatly after that and Chopin wanted to give up on writing all together. Now that all her work is republished, people find it very inspiring, especially women. Critics today say that â€Å"her work is focused on the pioneering use of psychological realism, symbolic imagery, and sensual themes† (Chopin, Kate Introduction). A large amount of female writers today are encouraged by Chopin’s short stories, novels, and essays. One of Kate Chopin’s most famous short stories is â€Å"The Story of an Hour†. The main character, Mrs. Mallard finds out her husband just died. She didn’t hear the bad news the same as most widows would have. Finally she could do what she wanted without anyone else telling her what to do, is the way she saw it. She was still young with a pretty face and she wanted to show it off. She kept whispering â€Å"free, body and soul free† (Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening). Mrs. Mallard started planning the days ahead of her. All of those days would be her own days to live by. As she opened the door to jump straight to all her new opportunities, there stood Mr. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard fell over, when the doctor came he said she had died of a heart disease. She enjoyed feeling independent and it when she found out it could no longer be she collapsed. Although â€Å"The Story of an Hour† didn’t have a happily ever after ending, Kate Chopin showed her true meaning of the short story by using symbolism, comparison, and assertiveness (Chopin, Kate – Introduction). When Mr. Mallard died it was symbolic for Oscar Chopin, and how Kate herself felt as a woman afterwards. After the death, the story describes Mrs. Mallard looking out the window and everything looks like there’s more freedom, which is also symbolic for herself having more freedom without her husband telling her what to do. Chopin uses comparison in her stories to show her readers what she’s been through and prove independence is important. In â€Å"The Story of an Hour†, not only did the author’s and Mrs. Mallard’s husbands die, but they have the same attitude about the situation (Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening). Chopin uses comparison with the character and herself to show what she really means and make it easier to describe the theme. Kate Chopin is most known for her assertiveness in this particular story and without it she may not be as well known today. She spoke her feelings and true meanings through this action and that’s what led her to be so independent. Chopin knew people would frown upon this quality, but it was honesty. During the time Kate Chopin tried publishing her work, the morals were different than they are now. Her stories, to a lot of people, are very influential. Commentators have noted that â€Å"her influence on later feminist writing and consider her a major American short story writer† (Chopin, Kate Introduction). Her work encourages people to stand up for what they believe in, regardless of what people think of them for doing so. Also to let her readers feel freedom and that everyone is equal. A handful of her short stories have the same plot and story, but they all have different meanings in which influence writers today to strive for what they believe in. After â€Å"The Awakening†, people believed that it aroused the readers. Chopin didn’t intentionally want for this to happen, but she wasn’t like most women of that time. Short story after short story, her work became more visual and exciting. Of course during her time no one liked it, but now the excitement in her stories makes one of the most important qualities. At the time, it was different from anything anyone has ever read. A woman’s freedom, which so many people took the wrong way, was a huge difference and conflict at the time (Chopin, Kate – Introduction). Many say she â€Å"broke a new ground of literature† (Powell). It’s Chopin’s inspiring excitement that arouses her readers and makes them want to come back for more. Most of what has been written about Kate Chopin is feminist in nature or is focused on women’s positions in society (Powell). The late 19th century, no women were independent. Kate Chopin took a stand and that’s all she wrote about. After her husband’s death, she feels like she has more freedom and independence. Someone not telling her what to do all the time; what she’s been wanting so badly. Her work helps women recognize the consequences of action, and helps them find individual freedom (Kate Chopin: The Awakening, The Storm, Stories, Biography). Female writers look up to her greatly because of how she was able to take a stand and speak her mind, without caring what people thought of her. She was one of the first women in her century to write outspoken fiction literature, revolting against tradition and authority (Chopin, Kate – Introduction). Chopin’s highly respected as a writer through the understanding of all the complications to get her word out for woman independence (Powell). Through her influential stories, ambition, and support of independent women, she became an inspiring American author. It may’ve took society half a century to grasp what Kate Chopin accomplished, but now she is finally known as a strong independent woman, and that’s all she wanted to be known for.

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Slavery In The Abrahamic Religions Theology Religion Essay

Slavery In The Abrahamic Religions Theology Religion Essay Today we think of slavery as condemning humans to lifetime bondage, working without wages and maltreated. However, slavery seems to have been a common phenomenon in many ancient civilizations such as Babylon, Egypt, and China. Most slaves were war prisoners, kidnapped or obliged to pay for debts. They were the property of the master, with little or no rights or status. Many of them were treated cruelly even though most ancient civilizations had some laws to regulate slavery, such as the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. This kind of slavery also existed during the lives of Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Mohammad. Most of the slaves, at that time, were prisoners of wars. They could be killed, raped and sold at any moment. The three Abrahamic religions dealt with the slavery institutions in different ways, they didnt not abolish it, but each one them regulate it in a way that goes with the norms of the society. Slavery in Islam Islam tried to solve the problem of the slaves that were in the Arabian Peninsula by encouraging people in different ways to set their slaves free. The Muslims were ordered that in reparation of some of their sins they should emancipate their slaves. As a start, and because it is harder to change a cultural habit, Islam regulated the institution of slavery and improved the treatments of the masters toward their slaves. In many verses of the Quran, it is clearly stated that all the human are the descended of one ancestor, that no one is superior to the other regardless of the race, ethnicity or the social status. The prophet Muhammed also ordered his Umma (Community) to threat the slaves and the servants as they were their brothers and to give them from what they eat and what they wear. He also ordered that the slave shouldnt be given any work beyond his capacity and if it is necessary the master must help him. This good treatment of the masters had a positive consequence on the attitudes of slaves to their masters. The slaves kept their humanity and moral dignity and become a member of their masters family.  Moreover, the slaves also enjoyed the right to keep their religion and to have a family, to earn money and to own a property. According to Islam teaching, humans are free and were born free. It is the natural and proper condition which must be considered as the norm. Therefore, to liberate a slave is one of the highest virtues. To emancipate a slave is considered equal to save its own life from the wrath in the next world. In Islam people were encouraged to enter into agreements and contracts which enabled slaves to earn or be granted their freedom at the expiry of a certain term or, most typically, on the death of the owner. At that time, there were occasions when groups of wealthy people, acting together, would buy and set free many slaves in order to obtain thereby the favor of God. Islam has commended humanity in the treatment of slaves, and encouraged their liberation. We can see from the history of many different peoples in the Islamic world that slaves quickly integrated into the main society and achieved positions of great status and power, some of them even gained their freedom. Slavery in Christianity In the early Christianity, slavery was considered as natural phenomena. In the Old Testament there is no specific condemnation of slavery. On the contrary, it does approve and regulate it and ensures that the traffic and ownership of human beings proceeds in an acceptable manner. In the New Testament, it is stated that Jesus did not express disapproval of the enslaving of people. However, in spite of some critics against Jesus claiming that he didnt abolish slavery, it undeniable that he explicitly stood against every form of injustice. The mission of Jesus was Furthermore, in the New Testament it is clearly indicated how a good Christian must treat slaves: the Christian masters must call Christian slaves brothers. It also stated that masters must how kindness, justice, and tolerance toward their slaves and that their position, as master, meant responsibility and duty. Paul, in his letters, also reminded Christians to treat their slaves as brothers and sisters. He emphasized on the justice and fairness toward slaves. Paul also asked Christians to consider them as morally responsible human beings who are also a part of the body of the Christ and asked the slaves to obey to their masters. He also explained that spiritual status is more fundamental and important than social status. Paul was not opposed to the freedom of slaves if the opportunity arose but believed that God had called people to different positions in life and they were to live out the Christian life in the position in which they were called. Slavery in Judaism At the time of the Old Testament, there were two types of slavery; the ownership of foreign captives or war prisoners and the type of contractual servitude, where an Israelite is for a certain time a slave to another Israelite, usually because he has become poor and has no other option. An Israelite, in biblical law, is guaranteed certain rights both while a slave and upon liberation. The first possible reference to slavery in the Old Testament is in Genesis where Noah cursed Canaan for the sin of his son Ham and predicted that he would be the servant of his brothers. Both the prophets Abraham and Isaac had servants; however, the first clear example of slavery is in Exodus where the Israelites were made to work as slaves. According the Exodus, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and their situation was clearly unacceptable to God, judging by their rescue and the regulations regarding slavery in the Mosaic Law. Slavery in the Mosaic Law After the Israelites had left Egypt the acquisition of slaves were organized by the Mosaic Law which permitted them to make slaves of Jews and Non-Jews people. The law states clearly that the Jews must treat their Hebrews slaves as if they were their servants. They must also give them the possibility of their freedom in the 7th year of their service, and provide them the resources to start a new life even though they can remain a slave if they want. In the exodus it is declared that anyone who put a man to slavery against his will must be killed. Furthermore, there were many laws dealing with violence against and the slaves and the ones who ran away from their masters must be protected and not returned. The Israelites were also allowed to buy slaves from other nations and to keep them for an indefinite period as slaves, nevertheless they were included in the commonwealth of Jewish community, and they could participate in festivals and were given the Sabbath rest. In the twenty one century, slavery is considered as a violation of human rights and it is abolished by all the nations and the majority of religions. However, the texts of the Abrahamic religions( Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) refers clearly to the slavery institutions as common one and it is viewed as acceptable at that time. Indeed, all the three religions regulated the slavery, developed laws for it and organized it in a way to preserve the slaves dignity and life. This pushes us to wonder, why the Abrahamic religions that value the life of a human being didnt abolish slavery in their texts. It is clear that the three religions were born at a time where slavery was a common practice and most of the societies were against any reforms that could change their habits and cultural practices. For these reasons and according to some explanations, the three religions didnt abolish slavery at the beginning, however they were against the inhuman treatments and try to regulate in order to improve the life of the slaves and to preserve their human dignity. In Islam, slavery was at first regulated and then abolished by the time of the caliph Omar Ibn Al Khatab, however, it didnt ended the slavery in the Islamic world. In Christianity and Judaism, slavery was justified by the curse of Ham and for some Christians and Jews it is Gods will on earth. In spite of the religious regulation and abolishment, the human rights and worldwide organization, slavery still exists in the twenty-one century but in a modernize form. Some scholars claim it is neither the outcome of cultural practices nor the consequences of a certain religions. According to them, slavery is a part of the human nature that seeks to have power on another human being and to control it in order to satisfy the human ego.

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Operational reorganization :: essays research papers fc

Operational Reorganization Program Our company is downsizing, facing major budget cuts, reorganizing departments and instituting a cross-training program for employees. It’s imperative that we effectively manage these process changes and transition into a more productive organization. A goal setting, motivation and stress management program is required to assist employees and management during this transitional time. As we are all aware, we must make our company more responsive to an increasingly competitive global market. We must be more flexible and be able to adapt quickly to the competitive demands of our industry. Product development cycles need to be reduced and our workforce must be able to continually improve our processes to remain competitive. The following is a step-by-step analysis of a proposed reorganization plan. A time line has been established to cover the initial 3-month implementation phase. The plan provides for a high level of employee involvement, the creation of teams to oversee the changes and set objectives, and a structured communication plan to reduce change resistance and insure that our message is being understood. Step 1 – Analysis of Organizational Objectives (Week 1) â€Å"The implementation of a Management by Objectives (MBO) program is an effective solution to make goal setting operational.† (Robbins 206) Specific and measurable objectives must be set at the organizational level and then flowed to divisions, departments and individuals. The required budget cuts have already established an initial organizational objective. We must quantity the budget cuts and develop a detailed reduction in work force plan. The loss of employment will be a major destabilizing factor for our company and we should move rapidly to implement the necessary reduction in work force to meet our budget criteria. Our organizational objectives must also cover the specific reorganization objectives that will make our company competitive. The realignment of our organization to reduced process cost, product development cycle times and marketing objectives all need to be defined and set to an aggressive time line. The additional measures that must be taken to achieve our budgets must also be quantified. Indirect costs and travel budgets need to be established and measured against our budgets. Step 2 – Reduction in Work Force Implementation (Week 2) The uncertainty resulting from a reduction in work force is a major concern for all employees. All too often, I have been involved in layoff situations, downsizing, rightsizing or however management chooses to characterize the manpower adjustment. Operational reorganization :: essays research papers fc Operational Reorganization Program Our company is downsizing, facing major budget cuts, reorganizing departments and instituting a cross-training program for employees. It’s imperative that we effectively manage these process changes and transition into a more productive organization. A goal setting, motivation and stress management program is required to assist employees and management during this transitional time. As we are all aware, we must make our company more responsive to an increasingly competitive global market. We must be more flexible and be able to adapt quickly to the competitive demands of our industry. Product development cycles need to be reduced and our workforce must be able to continually improve our processes to remain competitive. The following is a step-by-step analysis of a proposed reorganization plan. A time line has been established to cover the initial 3-month implementation phase. The plan provides for a high level of employee involvement, the creation of teams to oversee the changes and set objectives, and a structured communication plan to reduce change resistance and insure that our message is being understood. Step 1 – Analysis of Organizational Objectives (Week 1) â€Å"The implementation of a Management by Objectives (MBO) program is an effective solution to make goal setting operational.† (Robbins 206) Specific and measurable objectives must be set at the organizational level and then flowed to divisions, departments and individuals. The required budget cuts have already established an initial organizational objective. We must quantity the budget cuts and develop a detailed reduction in work force plan. The loss of employment will be a major destabilizing factor for our company and we should move rapidly to implement the necessary reduction in work force to meet our budget criteria. Our organizational objectives must also cover the specific reorganization objectives that will make our company competitive. The realignment of our organization to reduced process cost, product development cycle times and marketing objectives all need to be defined and set to an aggressive time line. The additional measures that must be taken to achieve our budgets must also be quantified. Indirect costs and travel budgets need to be established and measured against our budgets. Step 2 – Reduction in Work Force Implementation (Week 2) The uncertainty resulting from a reduction in work force is a major concern for all employees. All too often, I have been involved in layoff situations, downsizing, rightsizing or however management chooses to characterize the manpower adjustment.

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Comparing Tolstoy’s novel, The Death of Ivan Ilyich and the Russian Sta

Comparing Tolstoy’s novel, The Death of Ivan Ilyich and the Russian State In Leo Tolstoy’s novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the title character’s life changes in several important ways during the course of the story. First, his relationships with the people in his life change. Secondly, he engages in different â€Å"forms of diversion† as his life goes through different stages. Thirdly, his attitude towards wealth and possessions changes near the end of his life. In addition, we also see a gradual realization and acceptance of death. One could draw interesting parallels between the progression of Ivan Ilyich’s character and the Russian state and leadership in the latter part of the Imperial period. The changes in Ivan’s relationships with other people are seen best with his friends and family. Through most of the story, we see that he chooses friends based on social standing. He even applies this to his family, as illustrated near the beginning. His younger brother, having only obtained an appointment in the Railway Division, is labeled a failure by his family and avoided at all costs. Ivan Ilyich’s relationship with his wife is also of particular interest. He seems fairly happy while a newlywed, but becomes quite annoyed with his wife for creating â€Å"distasteful and ill-mannered scenes† (Tolstoy 56; ch. 2) around the time of her pregnancy. At first he tries to ignore her by carrying on with his former social life, but eventually finds that his work is the only excuse that can get him away from her. He goes on avoiding his wife with varying success until the onset of his illness, being confined more and more to his home. During this last st age of his life, he purposely starts arguments with his family, ... ...was unable to control it any longer. The Duma which he had created instantiated a new provisional government and Nicholas finally abdicated the throne. As has been demonstrated, character changes in Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich find parallels in Russian power specifically through its rulers’ foreign and domestic policies. Though never expressly implied, one can assume that the author, having been quite politically involved, considered such things while writing his novella. We must not put biting social and political satire past a man who, among other things, was involved in the mass emigration of oppressed Russian Jews to the United States and Canada (Riasanovsky 397). Works Cited Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. A History of Russia. 6th ed. New York: Oxford, 2000. Tolstoy, Leo. The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Bantam Classic ed. New York: Bantam, 1981.

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My Values - Work, Family, and Friendship :: Personal Narrative, Personal Values

My Values - Work, Family, and Friendship Three important values that I hold, are hard work, family, and friendship. These are values that I think will make life better and easier for a person. They make me feel secure and prepared for the future. Without these values I probably wouldn't care about anything at all. My values were all influenced by my parents. The only one that I had to figure out mostly by myself, was to work as hard as I could. Hard work is something that I had to do in order to prove to myself that I was smart enough. It probably controls most of my life. I need to do everything right and get perfect grades to be satisfied, and so I'm always working as hard as I can. It sounds like a bad thing, but the hard work almost always pays off. Family is a value that my father taught me. He told me that family is the most important thing in life. Your family will always be there when you need them, and will love you no matter what you do. This is a great thing, because it gives me security and comfort. I know that the decisions that I make in life will be guided by people that care about the outcome, and if things don't work out they'll be there to do whatever they can to help me. You never have to put on a front with your relatives, they will almost always accept you for who you are. Another value that was influenced by my parents as well as television, is friendship. Even though your family is always there for you, friends are still very important to have. Having friends will usually raise a person's self- esteem. By having friends you know that you are a good person, and that people

The Effect of Computer Technology on the Academic

The Constructivist Approach Constructivist This approach represents a combination of both genetic pre-programming and environmental adaptation or experience where the child actively constructs a version of reality from his/her unique experiences. The process of constructing knowledge is an active one (going out and interacting with the environment and constructing it yourself). Learning is a function of the natural and continual variability in the world and variable action upon it. Constructivist would argue that in a school class not all children learn the same thing.The important thing for educators is to ascertain what each child knows and then plan learning programmed for each child or follow the hill's lead. Conflict Fourth (1995) recognizes the importance of learners actively constructing their knowledge as suggested by the theoretical viewpoint of constructivism. Looking at children's conflict (which has its roots in Paginating thinking (Littleton 1995)) and disagreements (whe re children consider the other's point of view), Fourth (1995) concluded that children's disagreements: can be viewed as a legitimate source of collaboration; can be both constructive and productive in the learning process. Appear to hold an important role in active learning.Thus, by seeing an alternative way of tackling a problem, each individual makes cognitive gains which can subsequently influence problem solving. All three constructivist theorists, Pigged Weights and Burner, agree that the child is both determined and a determiner of knowledge and understanding. However, they place different emphasis on the direction of the relationship. [contents I CLC home page I references ] The Effect of Computer Technology on the Academic Performance of Based Students By Conrad

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Analysis of Comments on a New York Times Article Essay

The article, â€Å"Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage,† which was written by Michael Luo and was published in the New York Times last February 28, 2009, basically told the story of people who used to earn five or six-figure amounts per year, are now being paid hourly minimum wages. One example in the article was the case of Mark Cooper, who used to earn $70,000 as a security manager for Fortune 500 Company in the United States and who oversees a budget of $1. 2 million. Nine months ago, he lost his job and now he is earning $12 an hour in his job at his friend’s janitorial services company. Although the article itself is appealing enough, it is also interesting to note the readers’ comments about it. As of now, there are 300 comments about the article and upon reviewing most of them, it can be surmised that each reader who commented had significantly different viewpoints and opinions about the story told in the New York Times article. Evidently, these readers adhere to different moral codes which are seen through their responses. In general, the readers who commented on the article can be divided into two groups: one group lauded the brave act of Mark Cooper while the other criticized the style of writing and the subtle message that New York Times writer used in the article. One of the reader’s who praised the article story admired the courage of Mr. Cooper as he was able to lower his pride and found ways to provide for his family even if it means that he has to scrub toilets and have his salary dramatically reduced from five figures to an hourly wage without any benefits. In a sense, this group highly regarded the value of hard work and starting all over again in a dignified way. Most of their comments basically indicated that Mr. Cooper is not alone and that there are hundreds of Americans who have similar â€Å"riches to rags† stories. These readers, based on their comments, also believed that there is no shame being poor as long as one has a dignified and lawful job. On other hand, the other group of readers who commented on the article criticized the New York Times for insinuating that those who work blue-collar jobs are lower forms of human beings than those who work white-collar ones. They see the article as discriminating to Americans who have been living their lives below the poverty line for a long time even before the current economic crisis. For example, one reader lamented that article more or less showed that a $12-an-hour job is an indecent way of living, which is not true. In addition, one reader did not feel sorry for Mr. Cooper and commented that he had a lot to be thankful for because he lives in an above average house and was able to live a rich life. To this reader, the economic crisis makes everyone in America equal because they are struggling to make ends meet. However, what’s common in all the readers’ responses is that they could all relate to the difficulties experienced by the people depicted in the article. In fact some of the readers, who are evidently from different walks of life, shared their own stories in their comments. In other words, the single factor that binds all the readers who commented is the hardship brought about by the financial crisis in America. In a way, the article’s comments show two things: one is that there are a lot of Americans who are so used to a good life that they are seemingly caught off-guard when a devastating financial crisis like this hits them and the other is that due to the crisis, most Americans would be willing to take on any job just to survive. But the comments also indicated that Americans are more unified in achieving a common goal which is to recover from the devastating effects of the crisis and rebuild their lives. Works Cited Luo, Mark. â€Å"Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage. † 28 February 2009. New York Times. 4 March 2009 < http://www. nytimes. com/2009/03/01/us/01survival. html? pagewanted=1&_r=2&sq=executive%20janitor&st=cse&scp=1>.

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The road to Mecca Essay

The play ‘The road to Mecca’ by Athol Fugard is a feminist play that expresses the struggle for freedom, identity and meaning through personal fulfilment. In the statement â€Å"There’s nothing sacred in a marriage that abuses the woman† (p23), Elsa expresses her feelings towards women’s rights, because these rights are supported by the law: â€Å"She has got a few rights, Miss Helen, and I just want to make sure she knows what they are.†(p23). Helen finds it interesting that Elsa has a liberal way of thinking and can express her feelings so freely. Elsa believes in the equal rights to all races and that no one should be treated unworthy: she believes Katrina must get rid of that â€Å"drunken bully† (p23), because she can â€Å"Find somebody who will value her as a human being.† (p23) Elsa represents women that believe in human rights and freedom of speech. When Elsa and Miss Helen are discussing ‘Getruida’, Elsa states that Helen should â€Å"Tell her to demand her rights to get up there and put her case† (p24). Helen does not agree with Elsa’s point of view; that women should stand up for their rights and tells her â€Å"you’re terrible† to which Elsa replies: â€Å"And you’re an old hypocrite, Miss Helen† (p24). Elsa believes each person has the freedom to make their voice heard; regardless of gender, age, religion or race: â€Å"Has anybody bothered to ask the colored people what they think about it all?† (p25) Miss Helen is part of the conservative White Afrikaners of Nieu Bethesda that still have fixed ideas about religion and Christianity. Miss Helen does not express her views and rights as a woman verbally but visually creates her own â€Å"Mecca† of beauty and freedom. She decorates the inside of her house with dozens of candles and mirrors; Helen’s room is a â€Å"little miracle of light and colour† (p33). The inside of ‘The owl House’, represents the link between creativity and light, the candles being Miss Helen’s freedom of expression. The outside, the ‘camel yard’, is a myriad of cement wise men, camels, owls, mermaids and other figures, mostly facing east (representing that the figures are looking towards the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia).  Miss Helen’s ‘Mecca† is a metaphor for the relationship between freedom and imagination. Miss Helen sees her art as being her right of personal expression of her own i dentity and inner feelings: â€Å"It is the best of me, Elsa† (p34) Miss Helen was a woman devoted to her church, but after the death of her husband she did not mourn as many expected, instead she lit her house with candles and sculpted bright, lifeless figures and allowed her to escape â€Å"the darkness that nearly smothered† her life. Miss Helen now has the right to make her own choices; she does not to become another churchgoing widow, but instead set herself free by doing what she loves and creating a wonderland of art because she â€Å"dared to be different†. Miss Helen alienated herself from the Afrikaner community of Nieu Bethesda because they judged her vision and rejected her art. The community expected Miss Helen to stay inside behind closed curtains, but Miss Helen did the opposite and let as much light into her life as she possibly could. Elsa said: â€Å"Light is a miracle, Miss Barlow, which even the most ordinary human being can make happen.†(p32). Through Helen’s art she survives in an isolated community and freely expresses herself. When Miss Helen met Elsa, she showed her the inside of her house and when Elsa saw Helen’s home, lit by candle light, she knew she had found a true friend: â€Å"I so desperately wanted you to like what you saw.† (p34) followed by â€Å"If you only knew what you did for my life that day†. When Elsa saw Miss Helen’s ‘Mecca’ for the first time she was overwhelmed: â€Å"I just stood there and gasped† (p33). Miss Helen was pleased: â€Å"How much courage, how much faith in it you gave me.† (p35). Elsa admired Helen’s courage to fulfil her dream despite the religious views of the community. Miss Helen finds happiness and piece in her own ‘Mecca’ and does not concern her with the vision of the community on what is considered to be â€Å"right† but rather believes her â€Å"Mecca has got a logic of its own,† (p36). Elsa and Miss Helen are both women in a crisis point in their life and rebels against social conventions in their own special way. Miss Helen is a strong  woman that is not dependent on men unlike Elsa who had an affair with a David, a married man, and always believed he will leave his wife for her, where she ended up â€Å"being a victim of the situation†(p30) Elsa hides her secret until the end of the play. The local priest of Nieu Bethesda, Marius Byleveld, wants Miss Helen to move to â€Å"Sunshine home for the aged† (p40) in Graaff-Reinet, because he fears for her safety after she had an accident where she burnt herself when a candle fell over. Miss Helen wrote a letter of distress to Elsa, who then drove all the way from Cape Town to assist Miss Helen. Marius Byleveld came to see Miss Helen to express his concern that the community labelling Miss Helen as ‘mad’. He came to tell her that a room is available in an old age home and he ensured that she was moved to the top of the list â€Å"as a personal favour† (p56): he also expresses that there is a â€Å"decision to be made, one way or the other†. Marius is a â€Å"persuasive talker† (p42) and puts a lot of pressure on Miss Helen by asking her many questions such as why she doesn’t go to church anymore (p66) and accuses her of idolatry (p67). He is trying to make decisions on her behalf saying it is his â€Å"duty as a Christian† (p67). Marius does not respect Miss Helen’s art or her opinion, when speaking to her, seemingly passive Miss Helen, has to stop him and say: â€Å"Can I please talk now†. Marius is not only interested in Helen’s spiritual well-being but also fears for Miss Helen’s health and safety, because her appearance displays â€Å"personal neglect† (p15) and he feels she will be better off in an Old Age Home. His concern also has deeper meanings because he is concerned about her self-imposed exile from church and that she does not act what is socially expected of her. He evokes Miss Helen when he calls her statues â€Å"ornaments† and â€Å"cement monstrosities†. Marius Byleveld does not understand why Miss Helen is so persistent to stay in her own house where her ‘hobby’ seemed to have taken over her life and backyard: â€Å"You call that †¦ nightmare out there an expression of freedom?† (p67). He believes her â€Å"life has become as grotesque as those creations out there† Miss Helen was pulled in two directions by the two people closest to her; Elsa encourages Helen to be strong and independent and to stand up for her rights as an independent woman, while Marius motivates her to give in and move to a home where people can help take care of her needs; where she can become an active member of the church and community. Elsa challenges Miss Helen to stand up for herself and not give into Marius’s request; â€Å"You haven’t got enough faith in your life and your work to defend them against him† Helen explains herself to Marius: when her husband, Stephanus, died she â€Å"lost faith† and used as many candles as she could find, because the â€Å"candles did all the crying†. She created her own â€Å"Mecca† as personal goal to set herself free. The candles that were lit after the funeral inspired Miss Helen to express her inner feelings: â€Å"I had all the candles I wanted† (p46). Elsa says it beautifully: Miss Helen is â€Å"the first truly free spirit I have ever known†. Elsa believes that all people have rights, as that is what she teaches her children in her class. Elsa empowers Miss Helen to choose freedom and not move to the retirement Home: â€Å"When he comes around tonight, hand this back to him †¦ unsigned †¦ and say no.† (p42) because Elsa believes â€Å"You’ve got to prove to the village that you are quite capable of looking after yourself.† (p44). Elsa vehemently urges Helen to resist Marius Byleve ld’s â€Å"help,† and that she should refuse his offer: â€Å"You’re still living your life, not drooling it away†(p43). Miss Helen has both the right and freedom to choose where she wants to live. With the help of Elsa, Miss Helen takes a stand for her personal rights to remain in her own little â€Å"mecca† rather than going to the retirement Home. Elsa is proud of Miss Helen who is now â€Å"A free woman.†(p66) and states: â€Å"You affirmed your right as a woman† (p75)

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Factors of Business Essay

The first implication that will impact The business is the European Union, which has been in a deep recession this is because consumer demand has fallen, whilst unemployment rates are increasing across the European union. This has caused great concern to global markets as the possibility that Greece may not be able to pay of their outstanding debts, this could result into the them defaulting the Eurozone, however there is some stability but this situation is very delicate because the European Central Bank and also the International monetary fund, have supported loans which have come with strict conditions attached. By Greece defaulting this could spell the end of the euro, which can have a great affect on all economies around the world, this could result into an extension to the current recession because countries could be seen as an uncertainty to pay back, this will increase the borrowing cost and they may even increase to unafthe businessable rates beyond 5%, a consequence loan ma y dry up leading to countries not importing goods because they can not afthe business this. This would affect The business because consumers would only look to purchase essentials and buying a car would be seen as a luxury. A major fault in the Eurozone is that all countries will have to have the same interest rates, which is not good because they all have different very different economies. A prime example is that countries like, Germany and France have lot stronger economies than the PIIGS, which stands for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. The current EU base rate is 0.250%, which wills suite countries like the PIIGS, but it will also halt the progress of France and Germany. However the UK can change their base rate, which is controlled by the Bank OF England, the current base rate in the U.K is 0.5%, this will encourage more people to take loans because they are relativity cheap and this will allow more money to be spent. Interest rates in the EU and UK will affect The business because if the base rate are low this is good because it will allow consumer to get cheaper loans allowing them to purchase the business luxuries like items, also it allows people to finance cars cheaper because the base interest rate is low. The exchange rate will could work as a benefit to the business this is because if other countries currency is weaker than the US this will mean they will look to sell there for more profit because they will have to pay foreign currency for the product. So if the Euro exchange rate falls this could be seen good because it will mean that countries in the Euro will have to pay more for The business cars, however this can cause more problems for The business because it will mean that some consumers may not be able to afford the companies products. However another advantage is that this would mean that they could have cheaper parts from the suppliers because the exchange rate has fallen. In the European union there are many different rules that you have to comply with to get one of them is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which attempts to rationalise farming and the production of food and other farmed produce, this is done by allowing subsides to be paid to farmers to grow certain crops, however money spent in the EU can not be spent on reliving unemployment, which is a major concern in all EU states. I am going to look at how countries are linked through globalised trade, this is because business are not based in just one country they are in a variety of different countries, an example of this is The business who are an American business however they manufacture there cars across the world, this creates supply for countries to import and export goods. However this can cause problems to whole global economy, a prime example is that this current recession started in the US where the original loans where given to people who weren’t likely to pay and these loans back these then encouraged other banks to the same to allow consumers to purchase goods and property’s, these loans are known as sub prime loans. The globally recession is worst in history and it has lasted longer than the great depression or the Wall Street crash in the 1930’s. This has affected The business this is because they had seen a drop in demand for there product because people did not have the confidence to purchase luxury items, however last year they have seen their profits go up by 26% in 2013, which shows that consumers are having more confidence in spending money, this is due to most countries have decreased their base interest rates. They are global concerns that will cause The business problems, a major concern would be the rising cost of Oil, this would result into the prices rising of all goods including food prices, which will result into consumers changing there buying patterns to ease the cost of goods increasing. This would affect The business because they would have to pay more to suppliers because cost of shipping and delivery are rising, they would also see a reduction in sales across the world because Oil is more expensive, to result this they would have to look to make a reduction in manufacturing meaning jobs will be lost in countries, which will create a problem to country who will see an increase in unemployment rate and this will see consumers spending less money and this could result into countries going back into a recession. There is also issues for The business on environmental issues that is regulated by the world trade organsisation, who will look to make sure that the Carbon output is reduced in the world. However there are suggestions that developing countries like China and India, have less strict environmental which gives them a competitive edge of other countries, by companies like The business manufacturing cars there it will create jobs, and also result into more money being spent, which will boost the economy of these countries. The business are looking at ways of keeping Carbon emission down this is why they have announced they that they will use Aluminum alloys on there wheels instead of steal this is because it will reduce the weight of the car and also by this happening means they can fit smaller engines, which will lead to an improvement in fuel millage. However unlike Europe the global economy is strong in countries like China, where they have been very good, this is shown that they have had a sales increase of 52%, and they are forecasting that the chinese economy is going to expand by 7.5%, and they are going to see an increase of their market in China to 23 million vehicles. The business also have the leading vehicles in the world which is the The business Focus. There is uncertainty suing QE, which stands for quantitative easing, this is a way that centrals banks use to boost the economy they do this by asking permission from the treasury to create a lot of money, this is some by crediting their own accounts, they then spend this money on buying government bonds from financial firms like banks, insurance companies and pension funds, this makes the cost of bonds expensive, which then puts off other investors, which consequently means that the companies selling there bonds may use there money to invest into other companies or lend money to individuals. This would hopefully make banks and insurance companies to lend money to companies or individuals, the interest rates they charge should fall, which will result in more money being spent and this will give the economy a big boost. When the economy has recovered the central banks will sell the bonds it had purchased and then destroy the cash they have received, and this will mean that in the long term extra money has not been created. However this comes with a few risk that the Germans in the 1920s and also Zimbabwe have seen, which was that they saw a huge rise in inflation.

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IP 5A English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

IP 5A English - Essay Example Despite this, I felt that this course gave me a direction that I needed. Previously, I had been unable to process as to how I should approach my passion for writing but this course opened a lot of opportunities for me. This did not come all of a sudden but with each assignment, I felt that I came closer to my goal. My biggest achievement in this course was the confidence I got. I learnt that writing is an acquired ability and practice will help me improve upon that ability. The discussion questions further allowed me to understand my strength in the class. My only disappointment is that I was not able to give my cent percent to this course. The stress from hospitalization prevented me from exploring my writing talent to the best of my abilities. I think I would have excelled if not for the deterrent. But despite this, I know that this course gave me the framework from which I could built my future in writing. I believe more reading on this course would have helped the students to explore more writing styles and perspectives. Overall, this course gave me a lot to move forward with. The discussion questions opened up not just new perspectives but better

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Write a critical review (2500 words) of a health or social care issue Essay - 2

Write a critical review (2500 words) of a health or social care issue currently facing East London - Essay Example The East End of London is the East London’s subset, which corresponds to the regions that are nearer to the ancient city. Nevertheless, the development of the city towards the east was as a result of the growth of industries that were lined or associated with River Themes like the docks and the building of the ships. Since these industries started declining during the later part of the twentieth century, now the area of East London is a region of regeneration. This has actually reached the advanced stages in the London Docklands, however, it is still continuing in the East London parts that fall within the Thames Gateway, like the Stratford’s redevelopment which is linked to the Summer Olympics of the year 2012 (Barts and East London, 2011). The areas that fall further east were developed during the Edwardian and Victorian periods as a result of the railways expansion during the nineteenth century. The development of the suburban residences for the purposes of private sale later came to be matched by the offering of social housing on large scale in the 1920s at Becontree and Harold Hill after World War I. Nevertheless, we find that the constraining of the urban footprint was done by the protection or preservation of the Epping Forest in the year 1878 and later the Metropolitan Green Belt’s implementation. The intensity of development rose in the period of interwar and new companies developed in Dagenham like Ford. The population in the Tower Hamlets reached its highest in the year 1891 and then the population growth was limited to the outer boroughs. The population had peaked in each borough and the whole region was experiencing a fall in the population growth. According to the census of the year 2011, this was s een to be reversed and each borough has seen some increase in the population. The region of East London evidently has a rich history but has not lacked some setbacks in many aspects

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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Business Law - Essay Example FMLA is focused at addressing five major issues. First, the Act covers the birth of the employee’s child and the care of the child. Secondly, the Act caters for the placement of an employee’s child for foster care or adoption. Thirdly, family and medical leave Act of 1993 caters for the care of the employee’s parent as well as the child either a daughter or a son with serious health problems (Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations.1990). Fourthly, the FMLA caters for the serious health condition of the workers that makes them not to perform their duties as required by their employers. Fifthly, it caters for any qualifying exigencies that may arise due to the deployment of the employee’s family member. Upon returning from their leave, FMLA requires that the employers must provide the employees with protection and benefits that they may have received if they were working. Most notably, the act covers 4 aspects that the employers must provide to the eligibl e employees who return from their leave (Galinsky et al, 2008). First, employees must be provided with the health benefits that they would receive if they were working. Secondly, upon returning from the leave, the FMLA requires that the employees must be restored to the same position. ... alth condition or that of a family member must be allowed to have a leave to attend doctor’s appointments for such cases as chemotherapy and psychological counseling among others. Family and medical leave Act of 1993 requires that an employee must provide an employer with a 30 days notice of his or her intention to take a leave (Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations.1990). In cases the leave comes due to emergency, it is the responsibility of the employees to notify the employers as soon as possible. Similarly, the Act maintains that an employer may request for a medical certification in case the employer is taking a leave due to serious health problem related to him or her or a family member. In situation A, employee A was eligible for the 11 weeks leave since he had worked in company X for 12 years. On his part, the new manager reinstated the employee to his previous job at the previous rate of pay. This indicates that even if the manager was new, he acted within the requ irements of Family and medical leave Act of 1993. As indicated earlier, the FMLA indicates that the leave must be unpaid, implying that employee A was not eligible for the salary from his 11 week leave. This indicates that by denying the employee the salary, the manager did not violate the law and as such there was no violation that occurred in this situation A. Situation B Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) gives protection to the employees who are 40 years and above from been discriminated by their employers (Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967). According to this Act, that covers both the job applicant and the existing employees, it is unlawful for any employer to discriminate a worker based on his or her old age in respect to the employment benefits that includes

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Code of the Street Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Code of the Street - Essay Example As a result, mainstream institutions such as the law, are experienced and interpreted through a different lens. This essay will critically analyse and reflect upon Anderson's code for the purposes of determining both its validity and viability. The code of the street is defined as "a set of prescriptions and proscriptions, or informal rules of behavior organized around a desperate search for respect that governs public social relations, especially violence" (Anderson, 1999: 9). Within the code people operate under a "threat of vengeance" which acts as a shield to violent encounters (Anderson, 1999: 10). The code is "a set of informal rules governing interpersonal public behavior, particularly violence" in inner-city neighborhoods (Anderson, 1999: 33). It is residents' form of "law" or their "street justice" (Anderson, 1999: 10). The code thus is an alternative system to the middle-class norm. While it may be difficult for outsiders to evaluate the validity of the state due to lack of lived experience with street life, one can safely assert that Anderson's analysis rings true insofar as it appears to stem from the very nature of social systems' rules and regulations. Any social setting is governed by a set of rules which mu st be strictly followed should one wish to negotiate his/her way through the system in question and interact with members therein. The street, according to Anderson, is no different. Proceeding from the above stated, it is necessary to point out that in any social setting, self-esteem is important, as is its preservation. The street is no different. In inner-city communities, respect is key to one's self-concept and as such, the code prescribes "the proper way to respond if challenged" (Anderson, 1999: 33). On the street, one's reputation is highly valued and important to his self-identity. To maintain reputation, there is a constant "threat of violence" against those who may attempt to trample another's standing in the community (Anderson, 1999: 15). Anderson argues that the code regulates violence on the street as it offers approved justifications for those desiring to aggress against another. Whether or not you engage in violence, you are aware of the penalty if there is a rule violation (Anderson, 1999). The code thus is one's defense on the street. The code "provides a framework for negotiating respect" and is a "practical" mechanism for surviving on the str eet (Anderson, 1999: 134). Respect is a powerful commodity on the streets of inner-city America and is "a form of social capital " Anderson (1999: 66) Respect is premised on "being treated right" and given deference (Anderson, 1999: 33). Respect is external and must be demonstrated and seen. On the street, young Black males must constantly prove themselves often using physical violence. Once you have established yourself, respect acts like shield of protection. To maintain respect, one must have a hardened image and appear unbreakable. While life off the street emphasises respect and self-esteem, it does not prescribe violence as a means of attaining and later preserving it. In other words, societal culture and street culture have different perceptions of the meaning of respect and its determinants, despite their both outlining and highlighting its importance. Just as is the case with society in general, street society is not homogenous but comprised of different groups, cultures and

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ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM & SKILLS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM & SKILLS - Essay Example The initial grounds of appeal by the appellant was that he was denied his right to legal representation1 by the school board which amounted to gross violation of his rights under the European Convention on human Rights that among other rights provide for a right to a legal representation2. Legal issues upon which G’s case was heard at first instance The legal issue to be proved at first instance was whether there was any form of sexual contact between the claimant and the boy. They had to establish whether there was any form of improper contact that would attract disciplinary action against the claimant. On founding of a disciplinary action, a report would be forwarded to the Secretary of State to consider any future employment of the claimant especially in any employment position that would put him in any kind of contact with school going children. The panel should consider whether the actions constitute an abuse of trust of his implicit position in the school and consequentl y constituting gross misconduct. Legal issues identified in the appeal in the Supreme Court One of the legal issues that were identified by the Supreme Court was whether the claimant’s rights had been violated at the hearing in the first instance. It has to consider whether the denial of the claimant’s legal representation amounted to a violation of his rights. The claimant had been denied representation by his counsel in the hearings at the tribunal. In fact the tribunal went ahead to make a decision having denied her this right. In any case involving the determination of a person’s civil rights as well as obligations of any criminal charge against him, he is entitled to a public and fair hearing that should be conducted within a reasonable time by an impartial and independent tribunal that has been established by law. Another principle issue for determination is the question on determining the kind of connection that is required to exist between the proceeding s in A that do not determine civil rights and obligation and proceedings B which determined civil rights and obligation. The court has to determine whether the connection is strong enough to determine the proceeding’s outcome. Another issue for determination was whether the proceeding by ISA which went ahead to include his name in the children barred list would violate his rights under article 6 (1). Another issue for the Supreme Court to determine was what statutory regulation to apply. Regulation 4 of 2003 regulations could not apply in a case where the secretary had not invited representations by 20th January 2009. The Ratio ‘decidendi’ in the case An appeal can be made to the Supreme Court only on the grounds that the ISA has erred on a point of law or erred in a finding of a fact that it has made and the decision was based on that finding of fact. The decision on whether it was in order for an individual to be included in a barred list is not a question of l aw or fact as per section 4(3). The court decided this case based on the decision in Austrian case3 that held that it must be shown that the dispute relates to civil rights and obligations. Relevance of Article 6 (1) of the European Convention to this case This Article safeguards a person’s right to a fair trial. The article in criminal cases as well as in civil cases safeguards the right to a

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Black studies 1019--opinion paper--choosing two topics and describing Essay

Black studies 1019--opinion paper--choosing two topics and describing their ideas and how they affected african americans in the - Essay Example as he develops them from Gandhi’s influence. The influence of Marcus Garvey on Malcolm X can be seen when he states: "The American black man should be focusing his every effort toward building his own businesses, and decent homes for himself. As other ethnic groups have done, let the black people, wherever possible, patronize their own kind, and start in those ways to build up the black race's ability to do for itself. That's the only way the American black man is ever going to get respect. One thing the white man never can give the black man is self-respect! The black man never can be become independent and recognized as a human being who is truly equal with other human beings until he has what they have, and until he is doing for himself what others are doing for themselves. The black man in the ghettoes, for instance, has to start self-correcting his own material, moral and spiritual defects and evils. The black man needs to start his own program to get rid of drunkenness, drug addiction, prostitution.

Law for business report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Law for business report - Essay Example The second question deals with the name itself. Is the name Toys4Everyone prohibited by law? If the use of the name Toys4Everyone would be considered to be an offence of offensive, or if it contained â€Å"other sensitive words,† then the name would be prohibited. (Companies Act 2006 5(1)(53)(a)(b); Companies Act 2006 5(1)(55)(1)). To qualify as a sensitive word, the word would have to be one that is regulated by Secretary of State. (Companies Act 2006 5(1)(55)(1)). Likewise, if the name is likely to give the impression that the company is associated with Her Majestys Government, the local authority or any public authority, then they would not be able to use the name, either. (Companies Act 2006 5(1)(54)(1)(2)). In this case, Toys4Everyone would not seem to fall under any of the above. It would not give the impression that the toy company is associated with government, it is not offensive and likely would not be considered to be an offence to use the name, and it is doubtful that it would be a sensitive word that would be subject to regulation by the Secretary of State. So, there does not seem to be a legal issue there. Moving on through the Companies Act, and there is a provision that states that the name chosen by the company must not be the same or too similar to another that is registered with the registrar. (Companies Act 2006 5(3)(66); Companies Act 2006 5(3)(67)). If the name is the same as another, then they cannot use the name. If the name is too similar to another, then the Secretary of State can order them to change their name. (Companies Act 2006 5(3)(67)). This is one legal challenge that may face the Board of Directors, if in fact there is another company with the name of Toys4Everyone, or if there is another company that has a very similar name as Toys4Everyone. If there is another company with a similar name on the registrar, then they

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Injustices during the progressive Essay Example for Free

Injustices during the progressive Essay During the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were a lot of injustices in the United States. The Progressive Movement, which began in the late 1800s attempted to bring about government reforms and correct injustices in America. One example of the problem in the U.S. was over population of the American cities. More and more people began to move cities from rural areas for jobs. As you can see in Document I, the cities were overcrowded and the infrastructure could not hold up with the influx of people moving to urban areas. The people lived in overcrowded housing developments that were dirty and poor. There was also abuse in industries. This was exposed by Upton Sinclair (Document 2). One of his most well known novels was The Jungle, which showed the abuse in the meat packing industry. He uncovered how the people would take extremely spoiled meat and use it as sausage or put it in to a can. They also used all parts of the meat and even rats were found to be in the meat. By writing this book, Sinclair was able to expose the corruption in the industry of meat packing, and Congress passed the Meat Inspection Act. A position change brought about the declining numbers of children between the ages of ten and fifteen who worked. In Document 3, you can see by the chart that the number of children working decreased by 6.8% from 1890 to 1920. Children were often used as cheap labor and were abused greatly. The government was able to reduce the number of working children under sixteen during this period of time because many states passed children labor laws. Around this time, big businesses came to power. As shown in Document 4, there were many abuses in businesses. The people who ran and formed these industries/trusts/businesses, such as Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Henry Ford. They acted like the big bosses and held control of much of the U.S. industry. In Document 5, Teddy Roosevelt explained how he felt about how these big businesses (oil, steel, copper, etc.) should be regulated if they are only in it for the money and power. Teddy Roosevelt became known as  a trust-buster because he enforced the Sherman Antitrust Act. During the late 1800s the Progressive Party was formed. They wanted to bring about change in the U.S. One of their main goals included the reforming of industries. In Document 6, their platform is partly shown. Under their platform, they wanted to prevent accidents, diseases acquired on the job, and unemployment. They further wanted to have better health and safety centers, and minimum wage. In 1913, the 17th Amendment was added to the Constitution (Document 7). When the Constitution was first written in 1787, the senators were elected by legislators. In order to make the selection of senators more democratic, the 17th amendment was added. It said that senators would be elected by people from each state, not by the legislature. This is why we now have candidates that campaign for seats in the senates to the people. By adding this amendment to the Constitution, it made the U.S. more democratic. Women suffrage also took place during this time. People like Susan B. Anthony (Document 8) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked and campaigned for women to be allowed to vote. Susan B. Anthony used the preamble of the Constitution to argue her case. She stated that the Constitution said We the people not We the men' She said the Constitution was written for all people, not just men. Her efforts eventually paid off, and the 19th amendment was passed in 1922 allowing women to work. In conclusion there were many injustices in the U.S. from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The Progressive Movement help to bring about more change as did the government. Teddy Roosevelt tried the limit the abuses of big businesses, and women suffrage was granted, and the meat packing industry was exposed. With each time comes problems but with activists some are changed and reformed. During this time period, there were a lot of injustices and issues, many of which were discovered, addressed, and reformed.